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Import Gmail to Apple mail With All Contacts and Email Addresses Simultaneously

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 23-Dec-2022 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

This article discusses the most effective way to import Gmail to Apple Mail. Therefore, if you are the one looking for answers on the same, you can rest certain that you will find them all here. Thus, let us begin our discussion on how to move Gmail emails to Apple Mail.

While Gmail is the most advantageous email service, people still desire to import Gmail contacts and other relevant features to Apple Mail for legitimate reasons. Thus, let us examine why you should Import emails from Gmail to Mac Mail and the benefits that will accrue to you.

Why Should You Import Work Gmail to Apple Mail?

  • To begin, the primary reason is account space. If your Gmail account is running out of space, you may import some of the folders into Apple Mail before deleting them completely.
  • Apple Mail will not display storage full error since all data is kept on the local drive and you may save an unlimited number of them.
  • The second purpose is to create a backup of your account. You must back up your emails in case of an unforeseen event. Therefore, if you have difficulty accessing Gmail to examine emails, you may use Apple Mail to review the same emails.
  • For security purposes and in the event of a server breakdown. If the server goes down, you will be unable to access the account until you can use Apple Mail to access your emails.

Now that you understand the value to import Gmail tags to Apple Mail, let’s look at how to do it. As a result, the procedure is detailed below.

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The Perfect Way to Import Gmail to Apple Mail

You may export Gmail contacts to Apple mail and other valuable properties with the help of Gmail backup Wizard. This program features an intuitive user interface, which enables even a beginner user to complete the conversion operation without any external assistance. Thus, this program enables a user to transfer Gmail to Apple Mail without the danger of data loss.

Additionally, this tool contains several other unique capabilities, which are detailed below. As a result, the following qualities assist a user in efficiently comprehending the procedure.

How to Import Gmail Email to Apple Mail: Step-by-step guide

  • To begin utilizing the Gmail to Mac mail converter, click the link above to download it. Once downloaded, you must install and start it in order to import contacts from Gmail to Apple Mail.
  • Once the tool is completely working, you will need to connect it to your Gmail account. You must enter your Gmail address and password, followed by a click on the login button.
    connect the tool with gmail
  • Once all of your Gmail folders are put into the tools left pane, you’ll need to choose them for conversion and then choose the MBOX saving option.
    choose mbox as saving option
  • Now you’ll need to navigate to the folder where the generated files will be stored, name the file, and then start the backup.
    start the backup
  • When you click the backup button, the export process begins. It will take only a few seconds and you will be alerted when it is complete.
    conversion completion

This concludes our discussion on how to import Gmail to Apple Mail. Thus, these simple steps to move Gmail addresses to Apple Mail and other attributes are the tool’s initial capabilities. Now, let’s have a look at some of its further features.

What Characterizes the Gmail to Mac Mail Converter as the Ideal Solution for You?

  • Simplest UI: The utility comes with a very plain UI that is devoid of complications. As a consequence, even if this is your first time importing Gmail email to Apple Mail, you will encounter no difficulties.
  • Selective Conversion: The Gmail to Mac Mail Converter enables you to transfer a specific folder. You can deselect those that are superfluous or that you do not wish to export.
  • Bulk Transfer: The Tool saves you time by bulk importing Gmail to Apple Mail. Additionally, you may easily export all account folders at the same time.
  • Option for File Naming: The tool enables you to give your result data a name so that it may be readily located when used with the Apple Mail client.
  • Desired Location: Additionally, you may save your data in a place of your choice. There will be no mandatory default place for saving your data. You are free to select the one you wish.

In Conclusion

You can now import Gmail to Apple Mail simply, including all related characteristics such as contacts and email addresses. Our strategy is all-inclusive and provides you with a slew of fantastic benefits. It converts Gmail folders in bulk while allowing you to pick the desired one. Additionally, it enables you to transfer Gmail emails to Apple Mail and other savings like PDF, MBOX, MSG, CSV, PST etc. in a few simple clicks. Therefore, if you want to do your assignment with simplicity, you should give the gadget a try.