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Import Gmail to Thunderbird with All Associated Properties

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 18-Feb-2023 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: How to import Gmail to Thunderbird is a frequently asked question by users. If you have the same question, read this site for a dependable answer. We offer a variety of solutions for the same issue, which you may select from according to your preferences.

Shifting Gmail emails, contacts, and calendars towards another messaging service is the best way to safeguard your Gmail data and prevent data loss. Before we add Gmail to Thunderbird, it’s worth familiarising ourselves with the motivations for doing so.

The Benefits of Exporting Gmail Emails, Contacts, and Calendars to Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client that allows users to access several email accounts from a single location. The following are the factors that caused you to download all mail from Gmail to Thunderbird:

  • Users may use the Thunderbird platform to access data at any time.
  • Emails from outside sources are unaffected.
  • If necessary, Thunderbird data files may be shared with multiple users.
  • There will be no storage capacity issues since all data will be stored on a local disc.

So, these are the most common reasons why someone might wish to transfer emails from Gmail to Thunderbird. Now I’ll go through the several ways you may carry out the transfer.

Consider the Numerous Methods to Import Gmail to Thunderbird Complete with Properties

The first technique we’d like to discuss is Google’s takeout functionality. This feature allows you to import Gmail contacts to Thunderbird, forward emails from Gmail to Thunderbird, and also add a Gmail calendar to Thunderbird.

As such, we’re providing you with a step-by-step approach for using Google Takeout; thus, please read each step carefully to determine what you need to perform at each stage to download Gmail to Thunderbird.

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The Manual Google Takeout Function to Download All Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Go over to https://myaccount.google.com to join your Google account.
  • Whenever the Google account greeting page displays, on the left panel, click the “Data & Personalisation” link.
  • Now scroll down to the section marked “Download, delete, or create a data management plan.”
  • Now, from the fall option, choose “Download your data.”
  • You should now clear all other options and choose just “Mail“, “Contacts”, and “Calendar”.
  • Following that, select the frequency, file type, and size of the export and click Create Export.

The selected Gmail folders will now be downloaded. The downloaded folders will be saved in MBOX format.

You may now import the resulting files manually into your Thunderbird account. As such, this is the first way to import Gmail to Thunderbird. There are, however, certain limitations that you cannot ignore and must be aware of before attempting to export contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird, as well as other attributes.

Limitations of this Technique

  • The transaction is not trustworthy. As all data is sent through the internet, if the connection is lost, you risk losing your data.
  • The procedure is lengthy. When you make a backup using Takeout, you will be informed that it may take hours, days, or even weeks to complete, depending on the quantity of your data.
  • Another disadvantage is that you will not be requested to export certain folders. Whether you want to or not, you will have to download all of your Gmail to Thunderbird.

Thus, to bypass all of these constraints, we have devised the most incredible counter-program. Therefore, if you discover that the manual method is not ideal for you, you might choose the next best method to have subfolders transfer from Gmail to Thunderbird

An Automated Technique to Forward Email from Gmail to Thunderbird

Gmail Backup Wizard is an excellent method to import Gmail to Thunderbird. In contrast to the manual way, it allows you the entire control over which folders to import and which not to. Apart from contacts and calendars, it also enables you to migrate email addresses from Gmail to Thunderbird. As such, you may consider this product to be an all-in-one solution for you.

As a result, we now provide a step-by-step guide on how to copy contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird and other properties using an automated technique. Therefore, please review the protocol outlined below.

Complete Procedure to Switch from Gmail to Thunderbird Using Automated Solution

  • After you’ve downloaded the program from the link above, you’ll need to start it and add your Gmail account.
    add gmail account to gmail to thunderbird export tool
  • Once all of the folders have been presented on the tool’s interface, you must pick them for conversion and select the saving option as MBOX.
    select mbox as saving option
  • Then you must browse and pick a place to save your data before pressing the start backup button.
    select location for files
  • The conversion will begin after that, and when it is completed, a message will appear on the tool’s screen to notify you.
    conversion completion

So, utilizing the Gmail emails to Thunderbird converter, you may import Gmail to Thunderbird in this manner. Now, we’d like to show you some of its most important features so you can see why it should be your first pick for getting the task done.

Why Should You Opt for an Automated Approach?

  • You can download all mail from Gmail to Thunderbird in bulk with no limitations.
  • It enables you to export certain folders from your Gmail account.
  • The program allows you to export a contact list from a Google account to Thunderbird.
  • You may also use the program to add a Gmail calendar.
  • It is also possible to migrate email attachments. 
  • It is compatible with all versions of the Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Allows you to choose a location and rename the resulting files.

These are some of the reasons to choose this method. However, the software has more core traits than that.

In Conclusion

There are several ways to import Gmail to Thunderbird. We have provided you with frequently used methods to export contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird, as well as other attributes. There are both manual and automated ways available. You may go through each one and choose the one that is most convenient for you.