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Export Gmail Contacts to vCard & a Range of Other Platforms

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 11-Dec-2022 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Article Overview: This post will guide you to export Gmail contacts to vCard using both built-in Gmail functionalities and some additional approaches that allow you to do a lot more with your Google Contacts. Therefore, let us prepare to learn what we have in store for you.

The vCard format is a web standard that is supported by a wide variety of email clients and contact managers, including OS X Mail and Contacts.

We’d prefer you to begin with the manual method. This strategy will need you to go via your Gmail account. Therefore, follow the detailed directions below to successfully finish your assignment.

The Manual Process to Export Gmail Contacts to vCard

  • Log into your Gmail account and click the Google Apps button in the right corner of the screen. Select Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you will need to choose Export.
  • Select Contacts to export a full contact book. Select a Google Contacts group using the drop-down arrow.
  • Select a format for exporting: Here you will need to select vCard as required by you
  • Now finally hit the Export to save contacts from Gmail to vCard file

Note: Your contact list and file may be rather huge since Gmail automatically adds new contacts to your address book when you respond to an email or forward it to another address. These new automated entries appear in Gmail Contacts under Other contacts.

So, here is how you may manually export Gmail contacts to vCard. Let’s have a look at another way to accomplish the same goal while also adding some extra things.

How to Export Contacts from Gmail in a Beneficial Way

MacXtra Gmail backup is an application that lets you preserve your Gmail contacts on a variety of platforms. Well, the vCard file format is a great way to keep track of your contacts. However, you may encounter certain limitations while utilizing the vCard, such as accessibility, since it requires either an Outlook client or an alternate means. As a result of this problem, the tool provides you with a variety of outstanding platforms from which to pick. Take a look at how the tool works.

  • Download & install the Google contacts exporter Tool on your Windows or Mac computer. The application may then be used to transfer contacts from Gmail.
    launch the tool to export gmail contacts to vcard
  • You must now input your Gmail credentials in order to add the email account to the interface.
    enter Gmail credentials
  • After all of the folders associated with the given Gmail account has been imported into the application, pick the folder contacts for conversion and select the saving option as needed.
    select saving option
  • Browse the destination for the resultant files. Once you’ve found the right place for your data, click the backup.
    select the destination
  • The contacts transfer will begin as soon as you push the backup button. You will be notified once the transfer is complete.
    transfer completion

As a result, this is how the automatic method works. You may choose any platform that best suits your needs and then move batches of contacts at once. Now, take a look at the approach’s other advantages now.

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What Are the Advantages of Using an Automated Approach?

  • Convert in Mass: The program is a fantastic way to export Gmail contacts in bulk. No matter how many contacts you can hundreds or thousands you can export the all at once.
  • Support Multiple Formats: The utility can save Google contacts to a variety of file formats, including CSV, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, HTML, MHT, DOC, and IMAP.
  • Maintains Integrity: When exporting contacts from Gmail to vCard, it maintains data integrity by preserving all characteristics and attributes. The software is completely safe and accurate.
  • OS Compatibility: The app is compatible with Windows as well as Mac operating systems. It also works with any of their old or newly launched versions.
  • Select Destination: If you opt to preserve your Gmail contacts as document or email files, the tool offers you to specify the location for your resulting files.

In Conclusion

Here we have presented you with both a manual method to export Gmail contacts to vCard and a method that enables you to export contacts from Gmail to a range of other platforms. As a result, you will be able to pick from a variety of platforms, including cloud-based accounts, and document or email files, in addition to vCard files. Thus, we recommend that you consider both options and choose the best one for our esteemed user.