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Move Google Contacts to Apple Address Book in a Few Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 08-Apr-2022 ~ Gmail Contacts ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this post, you will learn about the most useful and diverse methods to transfer Google Contacts to Mac Address Book. So, if you’re looking for anything similar, you’ll need to read the post and get all the relevant details.

So, we’ll show you the numerous manual and automatic methods available. You may utilize the manual method by visiting your Mac address book and your Gmail account. So, to learn more about each of these procedures, scroll down the page.

Export Google Contacts to Mac Address Book: Using the Address Book Function

  • Open the Contacts program on your Mac.
  • Select Contacts > Add Account from the navigation bar.
  • After that, pick Google and then Continue.
  • In your web browser, you’ll be asked to log in. Select the Open Browser
  • Click Next after entering your Google account email address.
  • Click Next after entering your Google account password.
  • Allow macOS access to your Google account information by selecting Allow.
  • In Choose the applications you wish to use with this account, then check the Contacts box and click Done.

The Gmail contact information shows in your Mac’s Contacts program. Select All Google Contacts from the toolbar on the left side of the Contacts program to reach your Gmail contacts (or the name of your Gmail account).

Transfer Google Contacts to Mac Address Book: Using Gmail Function

  • Click the Google Apps icon in the top corner of your screen after logging into your Gmail From the Google Apps drop-down option, choose Contacts.
  • You’ll now need to choose Export.
  • To export a complete contact book, choose Contacts. Using the drop-down arrow, choose a Google Contacts group.
  • Choose an exporting format: You’ll need to pick vCard as needed here.
  • Finally, click Export to export Gmail contacts to a vCard file.

After you’ve saved all of your Gmail contacts to your Mac, you’ll need to transfer them to your Apple address book. To learn more about it, follow the steps below.

What is the best way to load a vCard into Address Book?

It’s not difficult to import a vCard file into Mac Address Book. Follow the procedures to do this –

  • Drag and drop a vCard file from your desktop into the Address Book window.
  • After all, click Add.

So, that’s how you may use manual features to manually transfer Google Contacts to Mac Address Book. Now we’d like to introduce you to the automatic method for transferring contacts from Gmail to mac address book, so have a look.

How to Transfer Contacts from Gmail to Mac Address Book: An Automated Approach

The MacXtra Gmail backup utility is the best way to add Gmail contacts to mac osX 10.10 apple address book. It’s a multi-platform solution that lets you add your contacts to the Mac Address Book as well as a variety of other platforms, allowing you to better safeguard and manage all of your connections. The approach’s technique is likewise quite straightforward, and you can accomplish it in only a few steps. So please read it to familiarise yourself with the instrument.

Steps to Import Gmail Contacts to Mac OSX

  • On your Mac computer, download and install the Gmail contacts Transfer Tool. After that, launch the programme to transfer Google contacts to mac address book.
    download gmail contacts transfer tool
  • To add your Gmail account to the tool, you must now enter your Gmail credentials.
    enter gmail credentials
  • Select the contacts folder for conversion and select the appropriate saving option when all of the folders linked with the Gmail have been imported into the tool.
    select saving option
  • Look for the location for the produced files. Click the backup button after you’ve identified the best location for your data.
    click backup button to transfer google contacts to mac address book
  • As soon as you press the backup button, the contacts transfer will begin. Once the transfer is complete, you will be contacted.
    conversion completion

The automated approach operates in this manner. You may transfer thousands of contacts at once using any platform that best meets your requirements. Now let’s look at some of the approach’s additional benefits.

Benefits of the Automated Approach

  • It can transfer Google contacts to Mac address book in bulk.
  • It is compatible with any Mac operating system version.
  • Allows you to move Google Contacts across different platforms.
  • You may use a variety of complex filters to send data selectively.
  • You may choose where you want your data to be stored.


We’ve provided you with a number of manual and automatic options to transfer Google Contacts to Mac Address Book. The manual technique may be used with a Mac machine and a Gmail account. The automated technique, on the other hand, is completely self-contained and operates without the need of any app. As a result, we recommend that you investigate all of the options and choose which one is best for you.