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Export Gmail to MSG in Bulk With All Associated Properties

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 11-Dec-2022 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to export Gmail to MSG? Have you no notion how to begin such a task? Thus, if you are having problems locating a decent or optimal solution to your situation, allow us to assist you. We are certain that we have the finest solution to your problem and are eager to discuss it with you. Therefore, let us begin by resolving your issue in the most extraordinary manner possible.

MSG files are Outlook single message files that are used to store email messages that include attachments (meetings, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc.). It can be readily exported from Microsoft Outlook to any version of Outlook through the drag-and-drop feature.

We Need to Export Gmail Emails to MSG Format for a Few Reasons

  • Users may easily import email from a Gmail account into Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server after converting Gmail to MSG format.
  • Storage is one of the reasons to save Gmail to MSG. Many people desire to store essential Gmail emails on their computers. MSG is one of the most reliable and secure messaging formats.
  • Updating the email platform is one of the most common reasons for exporting Gmail emails to MSG. If you wish to switch to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange as your email platform. Then you’ll have to convert a Gmail to MSG format.

Thus, these are only a few of the key reasons to convert Gmail to MSG messages. Thus, in order to ensure the safety of your Gmail emails, we provide the most dependable option. Therefore, have a peek.

Also, find out the steps to

The Most Effective Way to Export Gmail to MSG Message

Gmail Backup Wizard is a full Gmail-centered software that allows you to export its emails or folders to your selected storing choice such as MSG. This Gmail to .msg converter is quite useful since it allows you to convert all of your account emails to MSG at the same time without having to open them. So all we can tell is that you need to do is choose folders, then MSG and your work will be completed. We’ve broken down the procedure for you to better understand it, so have a look.

How to Convert Gmail Massage to MSG: A Complete Process

  • To use the Gmail to .msg converter to export Gmail to MSG messages, go to the URL above and download it. After that, you must install and then run it by following the instructions.
  • Following that, you must enter your Gmail address and password in order to connect your Gmail account to the tool.
    add gmail to the gmail to .msg converter
  • After you’ve upgraded all of your Gmail-associated folders to the Gmail to MSG converter, you’ll need to select them and navigate to the MSG saving option.
    browse msg as saving option
  • Additionally, you must choose an acceptable place for your generated files, give them a name, and then click the backup button.
    click backup button to export gmail to msg
  • The export procedure begins when you press the backup button. It’ll only take a few seconds, and you’ll be notified when it’s finished.
    conversion completion

Thus, the utility runs in this manner. The procedure is straightforward and enables you to quickly export Gmail to MSG messages.

Following the method, the next key part of the instrument to understand is its connected characteristics. Therefore, have a look at them to determine how efficiently and successfully they convert a Gmail to MSG.

Examine Some of the Features of the Gmail to .msg Converter

  • Batch Data Transfer: The utility is extremely efficient in its operation. It enables you to export Gmail to MSG in bulk. Even if you have an infinite number of folders, you can still convert them simultaneously and in the minimum amount of time.
  • Complete Conversion: The program supports converting Gmail to MSG in its entirety, including all attachments and related attributes.
  • Data selection: The Gmail to .msg converter does not compel you to export all of your messages without your agreement. It allows you to choose and deselect folders, allowing you to convert only the ones you want.
  • Location Selection: You can choose the location of the resulting MSG files. There will be no request to store them to a predefined location.
  • Optional File Naming: You may name the resulting files as you choose. This feature enables you to simply discover your files when they are attached to an Outlook account.


You may now effortlessly export Gmail to MSG in the smallest amount of time. We’ve provided you with a method that’s simple to use and allows you to convert all of your account folders at once. It also includes a free demo version that you may use to evaluate the tool’s functionality and also to export Gmail emails to MSG and also to PDF, MBOX Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and more. So, all we can say is that the program is the ideal alternative for you if you want a simple and convenient way to convert Gmail messages to MSG.