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How to Transfer Gmail to Hotmail with All Properties: Top 3 Methods

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 24-Dec-2022 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This page discusses all of the different methods to transfer Gmail to Hotmail, as well as the accompanying properties. Therefore, if your present need is to get a remedy for the same, you have come to the appropriate place.

Despite the fact that Hotmail has been dormant for years, anybody with a @hotmail.com address may still use it through outook.com. Users who rarely leave their Hotmail account but want to save content from other domains like Gmail on the same Hotmail account may now do so.

There are essentially three ways to migrate Gmail to Hotmail accounts. Their functions are distinct, as are the values they create. Therefore, let us prepare to go over each strategy in detail and examine the processes that you must take.

Approach 1: Transfer Gmail to Hotmail Account Using Hotmail Built-in Function

  • Open your Hotmail (Outlook.com) account and log in.
  • At the upper right, tap the gear
  • More Mail Options should be selected.
  • Underneath the Managing Your Account section, click Import Email Accounts.
  • To import your Gmail messages and contacts, go to Google.
  • On the pop-up dialogue banner, click Start.
  • Go to your Google account and sign in.
  • Accept Outlook’s request to access your Gmail account. Be prepared to wait a few seconds for the next page to load, depending on the size of your inbox.

Following this, Microsoft starts the process of importing data from your Google account, which may take some time. This is the initial method to transfer Gmail to Hotmail.

Let’s have a look at the second strategy. The strategy differs from the previous one. The Hotmail account and its settings were utilized in the first method. To forward emails from Gmail to Hotmail using the following method, you’ll need to utilize the Gmail settings. So, have a look.

Approach 2: Forward Emails from Gmail to Hotmail Using Gmail Built-in Function

In the upper right corner of your Gmail inbox, click the Gear symbol.

  • Go to the Settings
  • Select the POP/IMAP And Forwarding tab.
  • To add a forwarding address, click Add a Forwarding Address.
  • In the Import area, enter your Hotmail.com email address, which you used or generated. Next should be selected.
  • After you’ve double-checked that your forwarding address is right, click Proceed.
  • In your Outlook inbox, open the Gmail Forwarding Confirmation email.
  • The first link in the mail should be clicked. If it doesn’t work, copy and paste the verification code from the email into the verification section in your Gmail Forwarding settings.

And that’s all there is to it! You may now completely forget about your Gmail account and not be concerned about missing emails. So, this is the second strategy for forwarding Gmail to Hotmail.

Let’s move on to our final, but certainly not least, a technique to forward all emails from Gmail to Hotmail. So, have a look at the whole package and pick which option is best for you.

Approach 3: An Automated Way to Move Mail from Gmail to Hotmail

Gmail Backup Wizard Aid can let you transfer Gmail to Hotmail anytime you desire. This method forward old emails from Gmail accounts to Hotmail in bulk, including attachments, calendars, contacts, etc. This approach also enables you to export your emails in a few simple steps. So, we suggest you go through the procedure first to see how our strategy might benefit you.

Step-by-step Process to Send Email from Gmail to Hotmail

  • Download, install and run the Gmail to Hotmail email transfer tool.
    launch the tool to transfer gmail to Hotmail
  • Gmail Account should be added to the Gmail to Hotmail transfer tool.
    add gmail account to the tool
  • The tool’s left pane has now started to load all of the account folders. Following that, you must pick IMAP as a storage option.
    select IMAP as storage option
As you can see in the screenshots above, there are many saving choices. As a result, if you want to migrate Gmail to Zoho or if you want to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace, you may use the IMAP as your alternative choice.
  • In the tool, enter your Hotmail email address and password.
    enter hotmail credentials
  • To get the desired outcome, use several filters. Finally, click the Save button to begin the transfer process.
    apply filter click save button

This is the last approach to transferring Gmail to Hotmail.

As you can see, the technique makes backup Gmail to Hotmail a breeze, as it just requires a few steps. Now let us look at another advantage, apart from the small procedure. So check over them and re-evaluate your choice to do your assignment.

Explore More about the Gmail to Hotmail Email Transfer Tool

  • Forward Gmail to Hotmail in bulk / can transfer an unlimited number of folders.
  • Export contacts from Gmail to Hotmail and other properties like a calendar as well.
  • You may rename your backup folder to facilitate data retrieval in Hotmail.
  • It is completely self-contained and compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.
  • You can apply various filters in the tool to get desired outcomes.
  • It is completely secured and takes care of all the properties throughout the conversion.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with many methods to transfer Gmail to Hotmail accounts. Several of the ways are manual and need the use of your Gmail or Hotmail account. On the other side, there is an automated method that is quite flexible and operates according to your schedule. Therefore, look over each method and choose the finest option for you.