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Directly Migrate Gmail to Google Workspace in Bulk and a Few Simple Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 21-Feb-2023 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you attempting to find out how to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace and therefore searching for it? If so, you should put an end to your search since everything you’re searching for is right here on this site, and to learn more about it in depth, stick around for a bit.

Gmail and Google Workspace are both Google services. However, the advantages supplied by their functioning and application distinguish them from one another. Taking into consideration all of these factors, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why you should convert Gmail to Google Workspace.

Why Should You Migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace?

  • In reality, Gmail is one of several Google Workspace services. Besides the well-known calendars, Cloud Drive, Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, there are over 50 free cloud apps.
  • Using Gmail as a corporate mailbox will pose issues in collaboration and communication. You may allow the company access to all cloud data if you use Google Workspace.
  • Google Workspace has an Admin Console that enables administrators to manage user account permissions.
  • Users of Google Workspace may utilize numerous domain names as their sender’s address.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why people choose to add Gmail to Google Workspace. As a result, in order to make it possible for you, we’d want to provide you with the greatest and most straightforward solution available.

A Simple and Secure Method to Migrate Gmail to Google Workspace

MacXtra Gmail Backup Utility is the tool that allows you to migrate personal Gmail to Google Workspace. It’s a Gmail-only program that enables you to add as many accounts as you want and migrate them all to Google workplace with all of their related data. Furthermore, the connected workflow is what makes this instrument the best. There are just a few stages to the technique. So go through them to familiarize yourself with them.

How to Migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace Using the Recommended Method?

  • Download the Gmail to Google Workspace Migration Tool on your Windows or Mac system. Then install and launch it to import Gmail to Google Workspace.
    launch the tool to migrate gmail to google workspace
  • Once the tool is fully functional, you need to add the Gmail account to the tool by providing your email address and password.
    add gmail account to the gmail to google workspace migration tool
  • Now you will see all the folders associated with the added Gmail account have been loaded into the tool. Now you need to select save option as IMAP.
    select imap as saving option
  • Enter your Google Workspace email address and password, then click the backup button to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace.
    enter google workspace credentials
  • The migration process will now start. It only takes a few moments and once it’s fully done, you’ll be notified.
    conversion completion

So, these are the entire steps you need to follow to migrate your Gmail account to Google Workspace using the utility. After this process, we want to show you some of its features that make it the best and perfect solution to get the job done. So look.

Examine Some of the Gmail to Workspace Migration Tool’s Features

  • Conversion in Mass: Using the Gmail converter, you may transfer Gmail to Google Workspace in bulk. There are no restrictions on how many Gmail labels you may move at once.
  • Selective Migration: The tool gives you total control over which folders you wish to move. You may choose and deselect folders in the software to transfer just the ones you want.
  • OS Compatibility: The utility is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. As a consequence, you may now migrate Gmail to Google Workspace for Windows and Mac, regardless of the version.
  • Straightforward User Interface: The utility has a straightforward user interface that is free of complexity. As a result, even if this is your first time using the tool, you will have no problems.

Note: There is a free trial version of the application that enables you to test out the procedure and see how it functions. You may move Gmail emails to Google Workspace to a limited extent and try out all of its capabilities. As a consequence, if you wish to try the tool before purchasing it, you’ll need to download the free version first.


You can now easily move all of your Gmail data to Google Workspace, including contacts and email addresses. Our method is all-encompassing, and it offers you a plethora of wonderful advantages. It transforms Gmail folders in bulk while letting you choose which one you want to convert. It also allows you to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace with only a few clicks. As a result, if you want to complete your work quickly and easily, you should consider using the utility.

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