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Migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail with All Data Using Several Methods

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 21-Feb-2023 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you want to migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail? Are you seeking for a solution that can assist you? If that’s the case, we’d be delighted to help. We’ve simply gathered a variety of options from which you may choose depending on your convenience or desire. So, go through the advice to get your ideal answer.

Even though we all know that moving data from one account to another is common these days, finding a solution is difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, you may have left empty-handed as a result of the solution’s unavailability or the unavailability of the traits you want in your ultimate solution.

Things like that, on the other hand, will not occur here. You will find the solution as well as all of the necessary characteristics. So, read through each strategy one at a time to understand what you need to do to transfer emails from Gmail to Zoho.

Check out the Manual Method to Migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail.

Adding server information for Gmail migration:

  • Open the Zoho Mail Admin Console and log in to add Gmail to Zoo Mail.
  • From the left menu, choose Data Migration.
  • For the initial migration, click Start Migration, and for future migrations, click + Create.
  • For your convenience, give the server setup a name.
  • Select Add new server details from the Select stored server information drop-down menu.
  • Choose Google Workspace (Gmail) from the Pick Protocol/Application selection option.
  • After you’ve completed the authentication, fill in the blanks for the Google Workspace super admin email address and the service account email address.
  • To submit the file that was obtained into your machine, select Upload private key file, then Authenticate.

This will allow you to access Gmail using your Zoho account and preserve the server setup. The server information you entered will be stored on the Kept Server Details page, which you can access by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

As a result, this is the first method for forwarding email from Gmail to Zoho. The drawback to this technique is that it may be difficult to add a server to Zoho Mail. You will also not be requested to move just certain directories. There are a number of additional concerns that can be resolved with our next strategy. Take a peek at it now.

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An Automated Method to move all mail form Gmail to Zoho

The Gmail Backup Wizard is the best solution we have to migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail. It’s fantastic software with a wealth of sophisticated features. Users who wish to migrate their Gmail emails to Zoho mail may do it relatively easily with the aid of this application.

To transfer email from Gmail to Zoho, just add as many accounts as you like and then pick the storage choice. That’s all; the Gmail to Zoho Migration Tool will take care of the rest. So, have a look at the steps to do the same.

How to Forward Gmail to Zoho with Automated Technique?

  • On your device, you must first download the Gmail to Zoho Mail migration tool. Complete the installation and open it to migrate from Gmail to Zoho.
    launch the tool to migrate gmail to zoho mail
  • Now, add Gmail account to Gmail to Zoho mail migration tool. Fill up your Gmail address and password in the box.
    add gmail account to the gmail to zoho migration tool
  • You’ll see that the programme has begun loading all of your Gmail folders. Now you must pick the IMAP option for saving.
    select imap as saving option
Note: With the help of the software you may also migrate Gmail account emails to Exchange and Hotmail. You only have to select IMAP saving options and then enter your account credentials.
  • Add Zoho Mail by completing the fields below using your Zoho Mail email address and password. Finally, click the Save button to start the transfer procedure formally.
    add zoho mail to the tool and click save
  • The email migration from Gmail to Zoho will now start. Once it finishes you will be notified.
    migration completion report

Thus, this is the automatic technique to import Gmail to Zoho Mail, which seems to be more basic and simple than the manual procedure. Now, in order to give you with further information about the Gmail to Zoho transfer tool, we’d like to highlight some of its key features.

Find more about the Gmail to Zoho Mail Migration Tool

  • Using the tool, you may transfer data from any number of Gmail accounts.
  • You may migrate the chosen folder while deselecting the full unneeded folder.
  • Migrate Gmail to Zoho in bulk without any limitations or long transition time.
  • Migrate the whole folder including the Inbox, Outbox, and any personal folders.
  • The Gmail migration tool can also move contacts from Gmail to Zoho Mail
  • Gmail attachments, calendar, and other connected features will also be transferred.

In Conclusion

Migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail as quickly and easily as possible with two different methods. Methods included manual and Gmail to Zoho Mail converter. The manual approach is a bit tedious and requires you to go through several stages. While the automated approach gives you free easy steps and also gives you the freedom to choose the folders you want to migrate. So, go through each method and see which one suits you best.