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Directly Migrate Gmail to Exchange Online without any Server Settings

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 27-Jan-2023 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you want to move all of your Gmail data over to Exchange? If yes, you can rely on us. We provide a service that enables you to migrate Gmail to Exchange with all properties such as contacts and calendars. Thus, let’s begin the process of identifying that solution.

Due to its better functionality and other services, Gmail is a commonly used email service, as everyone knows. So, why would anybody want to migrate data from Gmail to Exchange? To be sure, the reasoning is sound. Consider the following scenario:

What Are the Benefits of forwarding Gmail to Exchange email?

  • Gmail is a really useful service that delivers several advantages to its users. Transferring data from this account to Exchange may prove to be a wise choice.
  • It’s an excellent business tool since it enables consumers to connect their schedules, meetings, and e-mails from any smartphone, computer, or web-connected device. Additionally, there are telephonic features that enable voice messaging.
  • Additionally, Exchange Server allows workers to connect amongst themselves and their data without imposing restrictions or requiring time-consuming or expensive procedures.

As a consequence, we can confidently declare that this Exchange Server has all of the components necessary for a successful email conversation. As a result, to access these services, you must first sign in with this server and migrate your previous Gmail data. Therefore, let us prepare to execute this.

An Efficient Way to Migrate Gmail to Exchange Server

Gmail Backup Wizard is the solution that will assist you in achieving your goal swiftly. It’s a fully automated process that requires very little effort on your side to migrate from Gmail to Exchange 2016, 2013, and others. The best feature of this strategy is that it can move data in batches and a few simple stages. Therefore, let us go through in detail how to add a Gmail account to the program and then migrate its data to an Exchange server. We provide detailed instructions for this.

How to Migrate from Gmail to Exchange 2013 with the Approach?

  • The Gmail to Exchange Migration Tool may be downloaded and installed. Then, to move from Gmail to Exchange, execute the program.
    launch the tool to migrate gmail to exchange
  • To add your Gmail account to the Gmail to Exchange 2010 migration tool, enter your Gmail email address and password.
    add gmail to the tool
  • The Gmail folders will display on the left pane when you add an account to the tool. After that, you must choose IMAP as your storing method.
    select imap as saving option
  • Enter the email address and password for the Exchange server.
    enter exchange server credentials to migrate gmail to exchange
  • After applying criteria like date range and selective export, click the Save button.
    apply filters
  • Your task has now been successfully finished. Once the data has been entirely migrated, you will be notified.
    migration completion

Now that you know how the tool works, we welcome you to learn more about it. The software also includes a variety of features that may migrate from Gmail to Exchange 2013 a layer quicker, more appropriate, and more reliable. So take a look at those features and see what they are.

Why Should You Use a Gmail to Exchange Migration Tool?

  • Migrate in Bulk: One of the most appealing aspects of this tool is that it enables you to mass migrate Gmail to Exchange server or export all of your Gmail folders at once.
  • Data Migration in its Completeness: Another advantage of this method is that it migrates all data. It can transfer calendar from Gmail to Exchange account It can transfer contacts from Gmail to Exchange and other properties as well.
  • Multiple Accounts: The Gmail email to Exchange migration tool does not limit you to add just one account. You may add an infinite number of Gmail accounts to migrate data from.
  • Name Backup Folder: You may also name your backup folder so that when you retrieve your Gmail data on the Exchange server, you can instantly recognize it by its name.


You don’t have to forsake your data if you’re moving from Gmail to Exchange; you may migrate it right away. One of the most successful approaches to migrate Gmail to Exchange online has been to use the Gmail email to Exchange migration tool. It is completely trustworthy and can do the work in a couple of minutes with little effort. For the best experience, we suggest that you download the app.