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Transfer Gmail Emails to iCloud with All Associated Properties

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 22-Mar-2023 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Using the technique outlined in this article, you may transfer Gmail emails to iCloud. The technique does not need you to use IMAP/ POP or forwarding options; instead, it offers you simple and easy-to-follow instructions.

If you have numerous Apple devices, you should absolutely sign up for an iCloud account to take use of the synchronization features. It’s free, so there’s no reason not to participate. Apart from synchronizing your devices, iCloud helps to store documents, exchange calendars, and restore your systems in the cloud.

Thus, to assist you in using all of iCloud’s features, we provide you with an excellent method to forward Gmail emails to your iCloud account. Therefore, please go through the procedure and simplify things for you.

The Easiest Way to Transfer Gmail Emails to iCloud

To migrate Gmail to iCloud mail, the Gmail Backup Wizard is the most wonderful and efficient program. There are many high-end services that, when united, create this tool perfectly. The notion that you may add an infinite number of accounts to it to transfer data to your iCloud determines its usefulness. Consequently, you won’t be confined to just one or two accounts. The method keeps the folder structure intact even after the bulk migration of Gmail emails.

Furthermore, you may use this tool to transfer all of your assets, not simply your emails. You may also transfer contacts from Gmail to iCloud and other attributes. And you’ll have to go through a few procedures to transfer all of these properties at the same time. So, go through these steps to familiarise yourself with them.

Use the above software to Transfer all data from old Gmail to new Gmail.

Step-by-step Process for Moving Mail from Gmail to iCloud

  • On your Windows or Mac device, download and install the Gmail to iCloud Migration Tool. After that, you may use the program to move contacts from Gmail to iCloud.
    launch the tool to transfer gmail emails to icloud
  • To add your Gmail account to the tool, you must now enter your Gmail credentials.
    add gmail account to the gmail to icloud migration tool
  • Once all of the folders linked with the specified Gmail account have been imported into the program, select them for conversion and choose IMAP as the saving option.
    select imap as saving option
  • Fill up your iCloud address and password in order to export Gmail data into it.
    enter icloud credentials
  • Now, you can use filters to get the desired result. When you’re finished, click the backup button.
    apply filters
  • As soon as you press the backup button, the data transfer will begin. Once the Gmail to iCloud transfer is complete, you will be alerted.
    migration completion

So, with the aid of the program, you may transfer Gmail emails to iCloud in this manner. Let’s take a closer look at the Gmail to iCloud migration tool. We’d like to show you some of its features so you can get a sense of its full potential. So have a look at them.

Why Should You Use a Gmail to iCloud Migration Tool?

  • Simple User Interface: The tool has an extremely straightforward user interface. So you will not find any complications to transfer Gmail contacts to iCloud.
  • Selective Conversion: Once all the folders are imported into the tool, you will be offered to select the folders you want to export. You can deselect all others that are not required in iCloud.
  • Bulk migration: You can bulk import contacts from Gmail to iCloud and other properties. At no time you are restricted in the selection and migration of your data.
  • OS Support: You can use the tool to back up Gmail to iCloud on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Moreover, the tool supports all versions no matter whether they are new or older.
  • Advanced Filters: You can use advanced settings for selective backups. You can apply a date range and also use selective email folder export settings.

Note: Gmail to iCloud Migration Tool comes with a demo version. This version will help you get acquainted with the tool for free. You can try the process and feature and add Gmail to iCloud Mail to some extent. We therefore strongly recommend that you try the demo version first.

In Conclusion

Gmail can now be exported in bulk to iCloud, complete with all of its attributes and mailboxes. This is feasible due to the existence of the Gmail to iCloud migration tool. It is quite efficient and will get you to your destination quickly while still providing an enjoyable experience. Therefore, if you’re searching for a simple yet very effective tool to transfer Gmail emails to iCloud, give this program a try.