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Transfer Old Gmail to New Gmail Using Manual and Automated Methods

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Feb-2023 ~ Gmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article will detail every method available to transfer old Gmail to new Gmail account. The procedure entails transferring all accounts as well as a subset of them. Thus, to learn about all those various ways, keep an eye on us.

Well, creating a fresh Gmail account for yourself does not imply that you should delete all of your older, useful emails. Of course, you could always keep both accounts active and use the older one to search for emails as required. Alternatively, you may move everything to your new account and completely forget about the previous one!

As a result, we provide you with the most convenient methods to transfer all old Gmail emails to new Gmail addresses. So, one by one, go over them.

How to Transfer Old Gmail to New Gmail: The manual approach

To begin, we’ll need to configure your older account and prepare it for migration. This is accomplished via the use of POP (Post Office Protocol) settings.

  • Utilize a browser to access your old Gmail account. Select the gear icon and then View all configurations.
  • To access the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tabs, click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tabs.
  • Select Enable POP for all mail under POP Download.
  • Proceed to the second section of the same section, which is titled “When POP messages are accessed.”
  • Select what you want to do to the emails in the old Gmail account after the new account collects them from the drop-down option. Copies may be left unmarked, preserved, or erased.
  • Click on the Save changes button.
  • Log out of your previous Gmail account.

Now, go to your new Gmail account and instruct it to import all of your old emails from your previous Gmail account.

  • Access your newly created Gmail account. Click on the gear icon and select View all configurations.
  • Navigate to the Accounts and imports section.
  • Navigate to the section Check mail from other accounts.
  • Choose to Add a mail account from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your previous Gmail address and click Next.
  • Select Import emails from another POP3 account and click Next.
  • Verify that the username is accurate and enter the password associated with the previous Gmail account.
  • Select pop.gmail.com as the POP Server. Choose port 995.
  • Uncheck and leave a copy of the messages that were obtained on the server.
  • Check when retrieving mail, always utilize a secure connection (SSL).
  • Select Add account.

This is how you may transfer old Gmail to new Gmail accounts. Although the method is manual, it does have certain limitations that you should be aware of before utilizing it.

Limitation of the Manual Approach

  • Transferring emails and contacts from old Gmail to new Gmail accounts is a time-consuming and stressful procedure.
  • You can’t transfer only a few folders at a time. You’ll be asked to transfer the whole contents of your former account folders.
  • Due to a failure of the pop server, you will be unable to move your old emails to your new Gmail account.

To get around these limitations, we’ve devised a way that allows you to transfer emails from old Gmail to new Gmail in just a few simple steps. So, have a look at it.

An Automated Way to Forward Emails from Old Gmail Account to New Gmail Account

Gmail Backup Wizard is a tool that allows you to transfer some old emails to new Gmail account without having to go through a long procedure. With a few easy clicks, you can mass transfer the calendar from my old Gmail account to my new Gmail account. As a result, let us get into the equipment by first being acquainted with its connected work approach.

The process to Transfer Everything from Old Gmail to New Gmail Account with Automated Method

  • From the URL above, download, install, and launch the Gmail converter. Once that’s done, you may start to transfer old emails to new Gmail accounts.
    launch the tool to transfer old gmail to new gmail
  • You’ll now be requested to connect your Gmail account to the tool. Add your Gmail account with the tool by entering your email address and password.
    add Gmail account in the Gmail converter
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your files to the program, you’ll need to decide which folders you want to export and need to select saving option as IMAP.
    select saving option as imap
  • After that, Enter your new Gmail credentials¬†and click the save button.
    enter new account credentials
  • Your conversion will begin immediately, and you will be contacted once it is finished.
    transfer completion

Due to its simple processes and bulk conversion capabilities, this tool makes transferring old Gmail to new Gmail a breeze. Let’s take a look at some of its most important aspects to discover what it can do.

Why might an automated method be ideal for you?

  • Allows you to Bulk transfer email from an old Gmail account to a new Gmail account.
  • You will have the option to export certain folders by selecting and deselecting them.
  • The Gmail converter works on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Enables you to transfer the calendar from my old Gmail account to my new Gmail account
  • It also allows you to transfer contacts from old Gmail to new Gmail
  • It’s incredibly safe, and it guarantees that your information isn’t lost in the process.

In Conclusion

Transferring old Gmail to new Gmail addresses is now incredibly easy. We offered you both a manual and an automated solution. The manual technique needs you to activate IMAP and POP settings and prompts you to add all account folders regardless of whether you want to or not, while the automated way does not. As a consequence, we recommend that you test each method to see which one works best for you.

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