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Migrate from Rackspace to AWS Server With Complete Data Security

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Rackspace Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Although both Rackspace and AWS are extensively used cloud services, businesses tend to favour AWS because of its comprehensive cloud offerings. Consequently, if you too wish to migrate from Rackspace to AWS (Amazon Web Services) with complete data integrity, obtain an immediate answer right now. Continue reading to get an extremely effective Rackspace to AWS migration method.

Why Do Businesses Opt for AWS Instead of Rackspace?

The following are some of the advantages that may be gained by utilizing cloud computing for businesses:

  • Uncomplicated and prompt access to the servers
  • Enhance data protection Ensure that data is accessible around the clock Accelerate performance
  • Cost-effectiveness

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide variety of services that may meet the requirements of both established businesses and new ventures. The following are some of the categories that may be applied to their products:

  • The EC2 virtual machine service offered by Amazon
  • Cloud storage service – Glacier
  • The storage system used by Amazon is known as S3.

A Remarkable Method to Migrate from Rackspace to AWS

Rackspace Mail Backup is an ideal Rackspace to AWS migration option for you. The application is particularly designed to move entire data from Rackspace to multiple email servers, including AWS. The program is completely automatic and involves only a few clicks from you, whether you want to transfer a few emails or a whole account folder. For your convenience, we have outlined all of the processes required to migrate server from Rackspace to AWS using the tool. Please investigate them to become acquainted with them.

Complete Steps to Migrate Server from Rackspace to AWS

  • Install the utility after downloading it from the URL provided. Once the installation is complete, you must begin the process to migrate from Rackspace to AWS.
    download rackspace to aws migration tool
  • After launching the Rackspace to AWS migration tool, you must enter your Rackspace email and password.
    enter rackspace credentials
  • Once all Rackspace folders are accessible in the programme, choose IMAP as the saving method.
    choose imap as saving option
  • You may now apply filters to selectively transmit data if you so want. To migrate specific emails, you may use an email field or date range.
    apply filters
  • You must now input Credentials from AWS and then click Start Backup button to migrate server from Rackspace to AWS.
    enter aws credentials
  • Accordingly, the migration from Rackspace server to AWS would occur shortly. It will just need a few minutes. You will be notified once the migration is finished.
    migration completion

Consequently, this is how you may migrate from Rackspace to AWS using the programme, which appears to be rather uncomplicated. Now, if you’d like, you may obtain further information on the instrument. We have described some of the tool’s functionalities; familiarise yourself with them.

Discover More About the Rackspace to AWS Migration Tool

  • User Interface That Is Uncomplicated: The Rackspace to AWS migration tool has a really simple user interface, which makes it very easy to use. There are no additional or complicated components that might lead to you being lost or confused.
  • Batch Conversion Capabilities: Converting many files at once using batch processing lets you finish the job in a few seconds regardless of how many files you have to convert. The application enables you to batch migrate from Rackspace to AWS.
  • OS Support: The programme allows users to migrate server from Rackspace to AWS on Windows operating system. In addition to this, it provides assistance for them in their totality, irrespective of whether they are relatively new or more established.
  • Data Integrity is Maintained: The programme makes sure that the data in the Rackspace files are kept in their original state during the whole process of migration, making sure that nothing is changed and that nothing is lost.


You may now migrate from Rackspace to AWS in bulk, including all associated data. This is something with which the suggested tool can assist you. The Rackspace to AWS migration tool is an all-in-one solution with more features than you may imagine. It is simple to use and includes a trial version. You may move Rackspace emails to Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, PST, and more with the free software. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you download the programme for free and begin using it immediately to become thoroughly familiar with it.