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Export Rackspace Email to PST Without Outlook Account

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Rackspace Email ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you are seeking for a simple and effective method to export Rackspace email to PST, you may find it in this post. You can simply discover here a number of excellent techniques that you may use to convert Rackspace emails to PST format. Continue reading the article to gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and their applications.

Why Should You Convert Rackspace to PST?

When you wish to open your Rackspace mailboxes using Outlook, that is the primary and most important reason to export them to a PST file. You must convert Rackspace email to PST if you want to open Rackspace emails in Outlook.

How to Manually Export Rackspace Email to PST?

The manual technique is the first option for exporting your mailbox from Rackspace to a PST file. For this procedure, you will need to use your Outlook account in order to create a PST file. It won’t be possible for you to utilize this method on your Windows computer if you haven’t already set up an Outlook account with it.

  • Simply signing in will get you access to your Outlook account.
  • To add a new account, go to the File menu and select the Add Account option.
  • Kindly provide the email address that corresponds to your Rackspace account in the space provided.
  • After that, choose IMAP from the menu on the subsequent page.
  • In addition to that, the password for your Rackspace account will be requested from you at this time.
  • A message confirming the procedure was completed will be displayed on the screen when it has been completed.

This is the initial method to export email from Rackspace to PST, but you must have an Outlook account to use it. If not, you can use the following method to export Rackspace email to PST without Outlook.

A Simple Way to Export Emails from Rackspace to PST

The simplest approach to export Rackspace mailbox to PST file is via the MacXtra Rackspace Backup tool. It doesn’t call for you to have an Outlook account set up on your device, in contrast to the manual method. Without using Outlook, it converts Rackspace email directly to PST. You will have total control over which emails should be converted and which ones shouldn’t without exerting additional work. To learn how to use the tool, have a look at the instructions below.

Step-by-step Directions for Rackspace Export Mailbox to PST

  • After downloading the tool from the link above install and run it to convert Rackspace email to PST format.
    download rackspace to pst conversion tool
  • Now, type your Rackspace email address and password within the tool.
    enter rackspace credentials
  • Once all the Rackspace folders become available in the tool, select PST as the file format.
    select pst saving option
  • Utilize filters to selectively transfer data. If you select a date range or email field, you can only transfer emails from that criteria only.
    set filters
  • Select an appropriate location to store the created files, and then click Start Backup to export Rackspace email to PST.
    start backup button to export rackspace email to pst
  • Consequently, the move from Rackspace to PST would commence shortly. It will just need a few moments. Once the conversion is complete, you will be alerted.
    conversion completion

After that, you may access your Outlook account and import PST files manually by using the import/export feature. So, these are the exact instructions for converting Rackspace emails to PST files using the program. Now, if you like to learn more about the freeware, you may wish to investigate the functions outlined below.

Learn More about the Rackspace to PST Conversion Tool

  • Employ Batch Migration Functionality: The Rackspace to PST conversion tool is a time-saving application that can export any number of files or folders in a short period. The program lets you transfer many emails from Rackspace to PST without using Outlook.
  • Transfer Selected Folders: After connecting your Rackspace account to the tool, you will have access to all pertinent folders. Once all folders are displayed, you can pick or deselect them. This option allows you to transport only vital materials.
  • Provide Comprehensive Filters: The application contains several advanced features that simplify your conversion. Using the advanced filters, you may shift email messages based on your preferences. Use a time span and mail headers such as To, From, and Subject to move specific emails.
  • OS Support: The application is compatible with Mac machines. You may use any OS version, including 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.15 Catalina, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, etc., to export Rackspace email to PST.


We have offered the most efficient way to export Rackspace email to PST. Using the Rackspace to PST conversion tool, you can quickly export whole folders or individual emails. The program is comprehensive and offers several savings options. You may also use the application to migrate from Rackspace to Gmail, Office 365, AWS, and other platforms. Download the application from the link above and immediately begin transferring your emails.