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Migrate from Rackspace to Gmail Directly in 6 Easy Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Rackspace Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you no longer need your own domain name for your email, it is not a smart idea to remain with Rackspace. Instead, you should switch to a more suitable free email provider, such as Gmail. Rackspace email service is suitable for SMBs since it offers paid email addresses for your staff. Even while Gmail comes with the @ Gmail.com domain, you may use it without paying anything. Considering this circumstance, many individuals are switching from Rackspace accounts to Gmail. Thus, if you also like to migrate from Rackspace to Gmail, please refer to the below instructions.

The Benefits of Switching to Gmail from Rackspace Over Any Other Service

Massive Storage

First, you receive significantly more storage capacity than with an email client. Gmail for business gives 25GB of storage capacity, so you may keep a big number of email messages or huge files without being constrained by a corporate server or hard drive.

Outlook Sync

Your Gmail business email may be synchronised with MS Outlook, BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone. Being able to rapidly set up email on smartphones is a significant benefit.

Store IM and Videoconferencing

Gmail for business merges IM storage and video conferencing, making it easier to contact clients and co-workers and preserve discussions for later use.

How to Migrate from Rackspace to Gmail? The Ultimate Solution

One of the most specialised and a reliable tool to migrate email from Rackspace to Gmail is the Rackspace Backup Tool. It is a viable method that enables simultaneous migration of all Rackspace folders. The programme is compatible with Mac OS and enables the transfer of all of your data, including attachments and contacts. In addition to its various advantages, one of the most essential aspects is the related procedure. It leads you through the straightforward steps required to import email from Rackspace to Gmail. You independently assess the technique to determine its effectiveness.

Step-by-step Guide to Export Messages from Rackspace to Gmail

  • To begin, go to the link provided above and download the Rackspace to Gmail migration programme. After that, you must finish installing and start it to export emails from Rackspace to Gmail.
    download rackspace to gmail migration tool
  • When the tool’s window appears, enter your Rackspace credentials in the proper areas.
    enter rackspace credentials
  • Once all associated folders are visible on the tool, tick them to choose them for transfer. In addition, select Gmail as the storage.
    select gmail as saving option
  • Use filters to migrate data selectively. You can transfer only certain emails if you use the date range.
    use filters
  • Enter your Gmail credentials, and then click Start Backup to migrate from Rackspace to Gmail.
    enter gmail credentials
  • The Rackspace to Gmail migration would therefore start shortly. It will just necessitate a few minutes. You will be informed once the move is complete.
    migration completion

This is how, with the aid of the proposed programme, which appears to be extremely simple, you may export emails from Rackspace to Gmail . You may keep finding out more information about the tool. Check out some of the tool’s features below to determine its efficiency.

Discover More about the Rackspace to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Conversion in Bulk: The purpose of the tool is to help you save time despite the significant volume of data involved. It makes it possible for you to convert all of your Rackspace emails to Gmail without any hassles at all.
  • Complete Migration: You are permitted to migrate all of the properties connected to your Rackspace account. You may transfer emails, attachments, and contacts from Rackspace to Gmail using this application.
  • Selective Migration: If you wish to migrate only some of your Rackspace folders to Gmail, you don’t have to migrate all of them. You are free to deselect any and all folders that are not very vital.
  • Advanced Filters: It is feasible to transmit only certain emails from within a folder using advanced filters. You may send certain emails by filtering the email field or the time length of the send.
  • Operating System Support: The application can perform its full range of features on computers running either the Mac or Windows operating system. In addition, you may migrate from Rackspace to Gmail using any version of the operating system.


In this blog, we demonstrated how to migrate from Rackspace to Gmail. The Rackspace email migration tool is a dependable tool that safeguards data integrity throughout conversion. It is a multifunctional tool with a number of extra features. It offers you a free trial version and guides you step-by-step through the process. The restricted migration of Rackspace emails to Gmail and other email providers including Office 365, Outlook, AWS, and others is all that the demo version allows for. Utilize all of the program’s capabilities right now by downloading it from the aforementioned link.