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Export Email Addresses from cPanel in Bulk

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 26-Sep-2022 ~ Extract Email Address ~ 4 Minutes Reading

For managing servers and websites, cPanel is unmatched in both ease of use and dependability. Because of its many useful features and ability to work with user-provided files, it has a sizable user base. Despite its numerous advantages, cPanel currently lacks one function: the ability to export email addresses from your web hosting site in bulk. However, we have devised a solution to this problem and can now assist you to export email addresses from cPanel in bulk. So, it is highly recommended that you read the whole post to learn everything about your ultimate solution.

How to Export Email Addresses from cPanel?

Email Address Extractor is the most requested and advanced tool for extracting cPanel email addresses. This software is specifically intended to get just email addresses from Web hosting services, including cPanel. This tool is compatible with the Mac operating system and is simple to use. In addition, this programme is capable of retrieving addresses from any attachment in cPanel, making it more efficient. We have outlined every step you must take in order to get email addresses using the programme. Therefore, peruse them to determine what tasks you must complete.

Step-by-step Procedure to Collect Email Addresses from cPanel

  • To extract email addresses from cPanel, you must first download the cPanel Email Address Extractor. Then, you must follow the instructions to install it. When the programme is entirely installed, run it.
    download cpanel email address extractor
  • When the tool appears, choose cPanel from the menu of choices on the tool’s window. Then, you must enter your cPanel Web hosting login information.
    enter account credentials
  • Once all of the cPanel folders are present in the tool’s left pane, you must choose the ones from which you want to extract addresses. Additionally, you must decide where to store the generated files.
    select target location
  • Now, you may export email addresses from cPanel explicitly using a number of criteria. You might send an address based on the time window and headers.
    apply filters
  • Finally, you need to click the “Extract” button to start the extraction process. Once all attachments have been recovered, you will be notified.
    click extract button to export email addresses from cpanel
  • As soon as everything is complete, the application will immediately open the folder containing your cPanel addresses.
    review output files

So, if you want to export email addresses from cPanel, above are all the actions that need to be taken. Now that you have finished the procedure without any problems, we would like to walk you through some of the functionality that the tool provides. Taking a look at the features that are discussed further down may help you understand why using this tool is going to be beneficial for you.

The Benefits of cPanel Email Address Extractor

  • Choose Fields: This software gives you the ability to choose the email fields you want to use to extract email addresses from. To, From, Cc, Subject, Message Header, and Message Body are the options available to you.
  • Extract from the Attachments: This passage explains that the attachments are also the source of a great number of addresses. As a result, you can also use this software to retrieve addresses from each of your cPanel attachments.
  • Bulk Extraction Capabilities: This tool is extremely competent of collecting several email addresses from cPanel at the same time. Whenever you use this tool, you will now be subject to any file size limitations. You have the ability to pick an unlimited number of folders in order to get an unlimited number of email addresses.
  • Standalone-app: This application does not require any other application configurations in order to export email addresses from cPanel. It is completely autonomous in accomplishing the task. Additionally, it is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8 etc.


cPanel Email Address Extractor is one of the best software to export email addresses from cPanel. It can get email addresses from any email field and attachment links from your account. It is also incredibly efficient and has the ability to extract data in bulk. This tool is an all-in-one programme that supports a variety of additional services in addition to cPanel. You may also use the tool to retrieve email addresses from Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL, among other services. So, if you want to do such a difficult assignment as quickly as possible, give this tool a shot.