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How to Extract Email Address from Hotmail Account?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 22-Sep-2022 ~ Extract Email Address ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Extract email address from Hotmail in the easiest way using the method described in this post. This article provides a solution to help you extract email addresses from any attachments as well as email headers of Hotmail account. Therefore, if you believe the information included in this post will be of the utmost benefit to you, continue reading.

Hello, I’m a sales professional and part of my job is gathering email addresses so that I may send out some promotional messages. I was given access to many Hotmail accounts and ordered to extract all of the email addresses from them. This procedure appears to be time consuming and stressful. I thus want to know if there is a method to obtain all account addresses at once. Can somebody tell me how to get email address from Hotmail in large quantities?

How to Copy Email Address from Hotmail? The Best Answer

Email Addresses Extractor is the winner of the best possible response on how can i copy email address from Hotmail without the name in quotes showing up. This software is particularly intended to harvest email addresses from email providers such as Hotmail. It is a comprehensive tool that extracts email addresses from any of the attributes linked with a Hotmail account. It offers mass extraction and just requires a few steps to execute. Follow the detailed instructions below to learn how to use the software to extract email addresses from Hotmail.

Step-by-step Procedure to Extract Email Address from Hotmail

  • On your Mac, download the Hotmail Email Address Extractor After that, you must install the tool according to the terms of service. Launch it after the installation is complete to get email address from Hotmail.
    download hotmail email address extractor
  • After starting the software, pick Hotmail from the list of accessible email services on the left side. In the following stage, you must enter your Hotmail addresses and passwords.
    enter hotmail credentials
  • After transferring all the folders to the left pane of the software, you must choose them. In addition, you must select the place where the output files will be kept.
    select destination path
  • You now have the opportunity to export selected email addresses from Hotmail using a variety of filters. To obtain specific email addresses, you may apply a time period or configure email fields.
    apply filters
  • Click the “Extract” button to begin extracting email addresses from Hotmail. When all files have been extracted, you will receive a notification.
    click extract button to extract email address from hotmail
  • The application will then open the directory where your Hotmail addresses are stored.
    view extracted email addresses

Consequently, this is the process that must be followed in order to extract email address from Hotmail using the application. In order to assist you in determining the usefulness of the tool, we have included a description of some of its functions below. Therefore, check into them.

Learn More About the Hotmail Email Address Extractor

  • Email Address Extraction from Fields: This application is really effective, and it can extract several email addresses simultaneously from all of the message fields. Each of the following fields—To, Cc, BC, From, Subject, and Message Body—are open for your option. You can choose one or all of them depending on your needs.
  • Attachments: Attachments are the sorts of files that can have a substantial number of email addresses. Using this software, you will be able to extract email address from Hotmail account’s attachments. Be cautious to select the correct option before saving your work.
  • Mass Extraction: Extraction in batches is a function of the software that enables the user to extract a significant number of email addresses from Hotmail. You have the ability to get addresses concurrently from the entirety of the account as well as from any number of directories that you specify.
  • Compatibility: The software used to get email address from Hotmail is compatible with all devices running the Mac operating system. Email addresses may be exported from Hotmail with reasonable simplicity on 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and other versions.


You can now extract email address from Hotmail with relative ease. You will be able to do this task in a matter of minutes if you make use of the Hotmail email address extractor that has been provided. It is quite easy to use and offers a variety of advantages; not only does it make data extraction feasible, but it also makes it the easiest thing to carry out. You absolutely have to give it a shot if you want your data extraction journey to run more smoothly and provide you with an overall better experience.