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How to Bulk Export Email Addresses from AOL Mail?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 23-Sep-2022 ~ Extract Email Address ~ 4 Minutes Reading

You absolutely need to read this entire post if you have the misconception that exporting email addresses from AOL is a tough process. This post provides a technique that will make it simple for you to copy all of the account address at the same time without having to put in a lot of extra work. It’s possible that with the technique, you’ll be able to extract addresses from email headers and attachments as well. Therefore, if you want your extraction to be one of the easiest possible, we strongly recommend that you continue reading this write-up.

Hello, I would want to export email addresses from AOL but have no clue how. The account also lacks any tools that would allow me to do so. There are several attachments in the account that include a list of thousands of addresses, which I must remove as quickly as possible. Is there a programme that can copy email addresses from the whole AOL account, including attachments?

True, the AOL Webmail service lacks tools that allow you to copy email addresses all at once. In this circumstance, an alternate solution that promotes such work completion is required.

The Best Way to Export Email Addresses from AOL

One of the most efficient ways to copy email addresses from AOL is to use Email Address Extractor. This tool is specifically developed for extracting addresses solely from email providers such as AOL, among others. It only requires you to provide your account details so that you may access the account from the tool and pick folders from which to extract addresses. We have included a list of comprehensive procedures to help you fully and quickly grasp how to use the software to retrieve addresses. To better understand the tool, we ask that you read through them.

Step-by-step Guide to Copy Email Addresses from AOL

  • You must first download the AOL Email Address Extractor in order to extract sent email addresses from AOL. Then, to install it, you must adhere to the on-screen directions. Launch the software when it has been fully installed.
    download aol email address extractor
  • Select AOL from the list of available options on the tool’s window after it has appeared. You must then input your AOL usernames and passwords.
    enter aol credentials
  • You must choose the AOL folders you wish to extract addresses from. You must also select the desired location to keep the output files.
    select destination path
  • You may now use a variety of filters to export email addresses from AOL specifically. Depending on the time frame and headers, you may transmit an address.
    apply filters
  • Finally, in order to begin the extraction process, you must click the “Extract” button. You will be informed once all attachments have been retrieved.
    click extract button to export email addresses from aol
  • When everything is finished, the programme will automatically access the folder where your AOL addresses are kept.
    access output location

To summarise, the steps outlined above are the entirety of what has to be done in order to copy email addresses from AOL. Following the completion of the procedures, we would like to present some of the functionalities of the tool to you. In order for you to evaluate the usefulness of the tool, we recommend that you go through each of it in its entirety.

Learn More about the AOL Email Address Extractor

  • Easy to Use: Even if this is your first time using the tool, you should have no trouble utilizing it. It is suited for even non-technical users because to its user-friendly interface. There are no extraneous items, and everything that is present is crucial.
  • Extract Address from Selected Fields: You may choose which fields to use to pull the address out of, on its own. All of these options are selectable: To, Cc, Subject, From, Message Body, and Message Header. You have the option of picking them all or picking some of them.
  • Extract Address from Attachments: The finest feature of this application is its ability to get email addresses from any part of the account, including attachments. You may also export email addresses from AOL account’s attachments if you like.
  • Select the Location You Desire to Store the Files: This tool also gives you the ability to select the location of your choice to save the files that are produced. This tool allows you to pick a place that is wholly distinct from any other for the storage of the whole email address.


To quickly and effectively export email addresses from AOL, we have provided you with the greatest AOL email address extractor. The programme is all-inclusive and provides you with numerous wonderful advantages. This programme can also extract email addresses from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other services in addition to AOL. From the aforementioned URL, you may download the programme and begin extracting your addresses.