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Move Thunderbird Data to a New Apple Computer Instantly

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 29-Apr-2023 ~ Thunderbird ~ 5 Minutes Reading

We will discuss how simple one can transfer Thunderbird to New Computer Mac. All the data included in the Thunderbird profile such as email messages, calendar events, contacts, address books, etc. can be moved to another computer in a few steps.

Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a free program. If you wish to transfer your Thunderbird profile to a new computer, copy it to a remote storage device and then paste it into the new machine. Users’ data is saved in the Profile Folder, which is separate from the program files.

“Hi, I am using Thunderbird as my official mailing client. Recently I got some work that I need to complete remotely. So I was trying to transfer the Thunderbird Profile to my iMac. Since the account is in my workplace, external devices are not allowed. Could you please suggest a method to copy Thunderbird profile directly?”

The query above is requesting a third-party application. However, here we will cover the manual method too. Get thorough details from the article.

How to Transfer Thunderbird to New Computer Mac

While searching on the internet you might have ended up with different solutions. Here we will cover the simple manual method and a direct technique using the automated solution. Use is free to choose any of the methods as per the need.

In both methods, the solution is accurate but one or the other technique comes with limitations. Read the article to find out which method is applicable.

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Common or Manual Method to Copy Thunderbird to New Computer

The manual method is performed on the current Thunderbird account feature.

  • Start the Thunderbird on the current system.
  • Go to Menu Option and click on Help. From there click on More Troubleshooting Information Options.
  • A Windows will open and now Go to Profile Folder and click the Open Folder option.
  • Then click on Thunderbird Folder and copy the folder to any remote location.


Procedure 2: Go to the New Apple Computer

  • Now Plug in the Remote device and Open Thunderbird on the system.
  • Go to the menu option and click on Help. Then choose the Troubleshooting Information Option.
  • Then, go to the Profile Folder option and click the Open Folder button. Click on the folder and paste it to the Thunderbird folder here.

Limitation: The procedure is time-consuming and hectic. Moreover, an external device is required to complete the process.

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Automated Method to Transfer Thunderbird to New Computer Mac

From the above-mentioned steps, it is clear that the migration is not simple with the manual steps. Therefore, we have come up with the best application Thunderbird Converter Software. With the utility, the user can either convert the files to any desired file format or transfer the files to another computer. If the requirement is to migrate the emails directly to another computer then import the files to another working email client such as Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

Test the trial Version: Before purchasing the licensed package, try the free edition. The free package gives a platform for the user to perform any procedure on the first 25 email files. All the Pro version’s traits are included in the trial version for the user.

How to Use the Tool to Transfer Thunderbird Profile?

Get the application SETUP for installation and start the procedure right away.

Transfer Thunderbird to New Computer Mac with MacXtra Tool

  • Choose an option to add a Thunderbird file to the software interface. Either choose the manual method or the automatic method to fetch the Thunderbird files.
  • In both scenarios, the user can choose the needed files from the folder. And press the Next button to move further.
  • Now, the tool will move to the next steps from where the user can choose any format or IMAP option for an online email client.
  • Further, click on the Start Export button to begin the process to transfer Thunderbird to New Computer.

Traits of the Application

It is quite clear, performing the manual method is time-consuming as well as hectic for novice users. Therefore, getting an application to migrate the emails will be a great go-to method. Here we will discuss the advanced features of the toolkit.

  • Transfer Thunderbird to New Computer Mac either using a different file format or an online email client. In either case, the result is 100% accurate.
  • Auto Fetch feature: From the tool, users can find two different options to add a Thunderbird profile to the software panel. The one with the manual technique by adding the files one by one. Else going with the auto fetch feature by collecting the profile folder from the Thunderbird location.
  • Remove option: All the unwanted or less prior email files can be removed from the selected folder. Choose and remove the files before the whole process starts.

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To Conclude the article, we can say always choose the right method for email migration. When migrating the Thunderbird data to a new computer Mac used the direct technique. In addition, an online email client is better off than using an external device to move the files. Within minutes all the files will transfer to another account with ease.

Frequently Asked Question

How to transfer the Thunderbird profile from one computer to another?
For an instant solution, use the advised software and export Thunderbird to a new computer effortlessly.

Can I move the entire Thunderbird profile?
Yes. However, the trial version comes with certain limitations therefore get the professional version to migrate the whole Thunderbird Profile.

Do I need to have Thunderbird installed to use this software?
No. Work on the software without the installation of the Thunderbird Application.