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How to Migrate Hotmail to Gmail With All or Specific Folders?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 06-Oct-2022 ~ Hotmail Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

While Hotmail is practically extinct and is presently only accessible through the Outlook.com account, Gmail is the most popular among the finest free email providers. Many customers are reluctant to abandon Hotmail and wish to transfer to a more robust and superior Gmail email service. If you are among the people who wish to migrate Hotmail to Gmail and are seeking for a suitable solution, you may find one in this post.

How to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Gmail?

The most effective method for importing Hotmail to Gmail is to utilize the most robust, comprehensive, and secure Hotmail Backup Wizard. The tool, as its name suggests, is designed to migrate the whole Hotmail account, including emails, attachments, and contacts, to other services such as Gmail. It is user-friendly and secure, since it ensures the integrity of your total data throughout migration. We have outlined all the procedures required to forward emails from Hotmail to Gmail using the tool. So, investigate them.

Step-by-step Guide to Migrate Hotmail to Gmail

  • Follow the link located above to get the Hotmail email to Gmail migration tool. After downloading, finish configuring it, and then start using it to forward Hotmail to Gmail.
    download hotmail to gmail migration tool
  • After that, you will need to provide the tool with the email address and password that is connected to your Hotmail account.
    enter hotmail credentials
  • When all of the folders in your Hotmail account become visible in the tool, select the folders that you want to migrate along with the file type that you want to migrate them to (in this case, IMAP).
    select imap as saving option
  • Utilize filters to distribute data in a manner that best suits your needs. If you choose a certain date range or email field, the only emails that are qualified for transfer are those that satisfy the requirements of the selected criteria.
    apply filters
  • Now, you need to fill out the essential sections using your Gmail email address and password. The transition from Hotmail to Gmail may then be initiated by clicking the box labelled Start Backup.
    click backup button to migrate hotmail to gmail
  • This will immediately trigger the beginning of the switch from Hotmail to Gmail, which will take place very shortly. It should take no more than a few minutes at the very most. You may expect to get a notification as soon as the conversion procedure is completed successfully.
    migration completion notification

That explains how the tool performs its functions. You may migrate Hotmail to Gmail in this way. After going over the steps involved in the process, if you are interested in learning more about the tool, you may do so by looking at the features that are listed below.

Learn More About the Hotmail to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Easy to Use – The Hotmail email to Gmail migration tool’s graphical user interface (GUI) will make you instantly smile. It is clear, easy to comprehend, and not excessively complicated in its presentation. We promise that the transition from Hotmail to Gmail will go without hiccups.
  • Migration of Extremely Numerous Files – The program’s performance is at its peak when asked to migrate a big number of folders. The Hotmail to Gmail migration tool enables the wholesale migration of Hotmail accounts to Gmail. There is no restriction on the number of folders that may be converted simultaneously.
  • Migrate Specific Folder – After you have successfully linked your Hotmail account to the application, you will have access to all available folders. Each folder may be individually selected or deselected after they’re all displayed. Picking this option will allow you to send only the most crucial data.
  • Advanced Filters – The software includes several smart features. Using the complex filters, you may import Hotmail to Gmail based on your preferences. You may set a period of time as well as email field such as To, Cc, and Subject to move individual emails.
  • Independent – To migrate Hotmail to Gmail, no additional software is required. This software is autonomous and capable of doing the required work without assistance from other software.


We have provided you with an excellent method to migrate Hotmail to Gmail. The Hotmail email to Gmail migration tool allows you to convert all or particular data without any effort. The tool is all-in-one and provides you with several saving options. In addition to Gmail, you can use the software to migrate Hotmail to Office 365, PDF, PST, and other formats. You may download the tool from the link above and begin using the trial version right now.