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Export Hotmail to PST File Without Using Outlook Account

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 05-Oct-2022 ~ Hotmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Anyone who wants to open Hotmail emails using an Outlook account must read this post. Here, you will learn the very best technique to export Hotmail to PST so that you may subsequently access them in any version of Outlook for Windows, including 2019, 2016, 2013, and so on. Therefore, we recommend that you scroll down the page to find the optimal data export solution.

I have been utilizing the Hotmail domain through the Outlook.com service to manage my emails. I’m now finally considering moving to Outlook for Windows from the current account. As there is no direct solution, I’m having trouble exporting Hotmail to PST files that are compatible with the most recent version of Outlook. So, can someone recommend the most effective alternative? Thank you very much

While it is true that there is no direct way to export Hotmail emails to PST, you have access to the finest option. Consider it in light of the information provided below.

An All-in-one Way to Export Hotmail to PST

Using the MacXtra Hotmail Backup Tool is the quickest and easiest method available for exporting Hotmail mailbox to PST file. Using this software does not need you to have an Outlook account that is configured on your device. It converts emails from Hotmail straight to PST without needing Outlook at any point. You will have full control over which emails should be converted and which ones should not be converted without having to perform any additional work on your end. Take a look at the instructions below in order to get knowledge on how to operate the tool.

Instructions on How to Export Hotmail Mailbox to PST

  • Installing and starting the software to export Hotmail to PST file is the next step after getting it from the link above.
    download hotmail to pst converter
  • Next, enter your email address associated with your Hotmail account, as well as your password, into the tool.
    provide hotmail credentials
  • When all of your Hotmail folders become accessible in the tool, choose the folders that you want to export. Also choose PST as the file format to export them to.
    select pst as saving option
  • Make use of filters to send data in a selected manner. If you choose a certain date range or email field, the only emails that are eligible for transfer are those that meet that criterion.
    set filters
  • Choose a suitable location to save the newly produced files. Then click the Start Backup button to export your emails from Hotmail to PST.
    click export button to convert hotmail to pst
  • As a direct consequence of this, the transition from Hotmail to PST will start very soon. It should just take a few minutes at most. You will be notified as soon as the process of converting is finished.
    conversion completion

Therefore, above are the specific directions to export Hotmail to PST files using the tool that you downloaded. You might want to study the functionalities that are listed below if you are interested in learning more about the freeware that is available to you.

Find Out More Information Regarding the Hotmail to PST Export Tool

  • Utilize the Batch Migration Functionality – The Hotmail email to PST conversion tool is a time-saving application that can export any number of folders in a short length of time. This is accomplished by the use of the batch migration functionality. Without having to use Outlook, the application enables you to transfer a large number of emails from Hotmail to PST.
  • Transfer Selected Folders – Once you have successfully connected your Hotmail account to the programme, you will have access to all relevant folders. Once all of the folders have been brought into view, you will have the option to choose or deselect each one. By selecting this option, you will be able to transfer just essential data.
  • Filters That Cover Everything – The software you’re using has a lot of sophisticated capabilities that make the converting process much easier for you. You have the ability to reroute email messages according to your preferences by using the sophisticated filters. To relocate individual emails, you may make use of a time period as well as headers such as To, From, and Subject.
  • Supported Operating Systems: This tool is compatible with Mac systems. To export Hotmail to PST, you may use any OS version, including 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.15 Catalina, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite etc.


We have provided the most time- and labor-saving method to export Hotmail to PST. You are able to easily export individual emails as well as entire folders when you use the Hotmail email to PST export tool. The software is all-encompassing and provides a number of different opportunities. You may also use the application to transfer your email from Hotmail to PDF, Office 365, Gmail, or any of the other supported platforms. You should instantly begin transferring your emails after downloading the tool from the link that was provided before.