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Migrate Hotmail to Office 365 Directly With All Related Data

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 05-Oct-2022 ~ Hotmail Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article presents a remarkable approach for moving all of one’s Hotmail content and associated data over to Office 365 in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner. If you are among the people who wish to migrate Hotmail to Office 365, it is recommended that you continue reading in order to acquire a quick solution to your issue.

How to Migrate from Hotmail to Office 365?

The Hotmail Backup Wizard is the software that has been developed expressly for the purpose of transferring data from Hotmail to other platforms, such as Office 365. It is a tool that runs on Windows that can export your Hotmail messages to Office 365 in batch mode. It also gives you the option to choose which folders you want to export. We have detailed all of the procedures that you need to do in order to utilize the tool to connect Hotmail to Office 365. Therefore, give them a thorough inspection.

Step-by-step Procedure to Migrate Hotmail to Office 365

  • Download the Hotmail email to Office 365 transfer tool. Install the software to convert Hotmail to Office 365 and then launch it.
    download hotmail to office 365 migration tool
  • After that, you will be requested to enter your Hotmail account’s email address and password.
    enter hotmail credentials
  • The application will now upload all of the folders in your Hotmail account. Then, you must pick the folders that you wish to convert and then choose IMAP as the storage option.
    choose imap as saving option
  • You may now apply a variety of filters that are pertinent to your needs. Customizing the date range and email fields’ parameters will allow you to acquire the required outcome.
    apply filters
  • To add Hotmail to Office 365 format, you must first enter your Office 365 email address and password. Then click the Export button.
    click export button to migrate hotmail to office 365
  • Once the migration of each of the specified Hotmail folders has been finished, you will be notified.
    migration complete

This is how the Hotmail email to Office 365 transfer tool works. Since you are aware that the software makes it easier to connect Hotmail to Office 365, the next step is for you to obtain further information regarding it. Assessing the effectiveness of the instrument may be done by looking at the several functions that are stated below.

Discover Some Traits of the Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Easy to Use: The utility’s UI is designed to be intuitive and simple to use by any person. If you don’t have a technological background, don’t worry; you’ll still be able to utilize the application without any problems. The software allows for a rapid and painless transition of mailboxes from Hotmail to Office 365.
  • Batch Migration Capabilities: This Hotmail to Office 365 Converter has the capability to effortlessly export a large number of messages from Hotmail to O365. Customers may convert an unlimited number of emails concurrently with this service, making it ideal for businesses.
  • Migration of All Properties: If you want to migrate Hotmail to Office 365 without losing any data in the process, you may do it. The contact list, calendar, and attachments may all be migrated with the help of this software.
  • Specific Folder Migration: Users who make use of the folder selection option in tool have the ability to sometimes specifically import emails from Hotmail into Office 365. You have the ability to choose which folders are moved and which ones are left behind.
  • Self-sufficient: The migration of Hotmail to Office 365 may be accomplished with the help of the Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Tool without the installation of any extra software. In addition to that, it could function independently.
  • System Support: This software is compatible with all available versions of the Mac operating system. On versions 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, and 10.12 Sierra of OS X, as well as versions 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, and 10.8 Mountain Lion, the Hotmail inbox may be transferred to Office 365.


We have helped you discover the most effective way to migrate Hotmail to Office 365. Using the suggested Hotmail email to Office 365 migration tool is one of the most effective ways to migrate Hotmail accounts to Office 365. The utility is all-inclusive and offers additional advantages. In addition to Office 365, it provides you with a vast array of other saving options. You may transfer Hotmail to a variety of different clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, and others. Therefore, the instrument may meet all of your needs. Use the aforementioned URL to download the application, then start the migrating process right away.