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Export Zoho Mail to Outlook Account With Few Manual Settings

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Zoho Mail ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you want to export Zoho Mail to Outlook but are unsure of the best method for you, keep reading. This article provides several ways to transfer emails from Zoho to Outlook. You will receive step-by-step instructions as you synchronize your Outlook emails with your Zoho emails. Read the remainder of the post for a quick solution.

How to Export Zoho Mail to Outlook Manually?

You have the option of exporting the emails stored in your Zoho Mail account into an EML file so that you may keep them locally or in Outlook. You have the option of exporting all of the emails in a folder all at once, exporting emails from a certain time period, exporting emails from the most recent few months, or exporting emails from the previous year.

To Transfer emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook, follow these steps.

  • Access Zoho Mail. Access Settings
  • Select Import/Export. Select the folder from which you wish to export the emails in the Export section.
  • From the drop-down box, choose the length (in months).
  • The date range over which you would like the messages to be retrieved is another option.
  • Alternately, select “Export all emails in the folder” to export the whole folder and Press Export.

Based on the criteria you select, the export procedure will start for the emails in the particular folder.

  • A notice letter with an URL to retrieve the converted emails as an a.zip file will be sent to you after a little time.
  • The very same account from which you are transferring the emails will get the email.
  • Make absolutely sure you are signed in to your Zoho account and that you are visiting the URL from your webmail.

Dragging EML File to Outlook

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook program that is installed on your machine.
  • Open the EML file storage folder by going to the location where the files are kept.
  • Simply drag the EML files you have and place them into the “mailbox” folder of the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • If you desire one after the other, you will need to repeat this method for each additional EML files folder.
  • You will now have the ability to access and browse EML files within Outlook.

So there you have it—a manual method to export Zoho Mail to Outlook accounts. As you can see, the procedure is quite sophisticated and demands that you go through a number of time-consuming steps. Thus, if you would want a simpler method to move Zoho email to Outlook, you may consider the following method.

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An Automated Technique to Migrate Zoho Emails to Outlook Account

One of the best tools to migrate Zoho mail to Outlook is the MacXtra Zoho Mail Backup Tool. In contrast to the manual method, it doesn’t require you to go through a lot of procedures to transfer emails from Zoho to Outlook. You may export all of the folders at once into PST files, which you can then import into any Outlook account version. We advise you to do all the necessary actions to export Zoho emails to Outlook. To find out how the tool works, follow them.

How to Convert Zoho Mail to Outlook: Step-by-step Process

  • On your Mac, download the Migration Tool. Then, you must install and execute the programme to export Zoho Mail to Outlook.
    download the tool to import Zoho to Outlook
  • You must input your Zoho email IDs and password to sync all the folders with the application.
    enter zoho credentials
  • You must choose PST as the saving option when all folders are loaded in the tool’s left pane.
    select pst as saving option
  • To choose the best location to save the generated PST files, click the browse option.
    select location for files
  • Apply filters for selective migration, then add Zoho Mail to Outlook by clicking the “Save” button.
    click save to export zoho mail to outlook

After saving all the emails to PST files, you may manually import them into Outlook using a few import-export options. Thus, this is how we can effortlessly add Zoho mail to Outlook mac using the automatic method. Listed below are some of the tool’s functions. Review them if you wish to have a deeper comprehension of the instrument.

Learn more about The Zoho to Outlook Migration Tool

  • The utility can mass export Zoho mail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.
  • Transfer emails from Zoho to Outlook, including attachments and contacts.
  • Before switching from Zoho to Outlook, you can choose and deselect folders.
  • Enables you to use a variety of filters to send emails from a specific date range or address.
  • All versions of Mac OS are compatible with the Zoho to Outlook transfer application.
  • It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, making it accessible to non-technical people.


You may export Zoho email to Outlook using automatic or manual methods. The manual method requires you to first export Zoho emails as EML files and then import each EML file one at a time into your Outlook account. While the automated method allows you to export all of your Zoho data to PST and then import all of the PST files into Outlook at once. The automatic method also enables you to convert Zoho Mail to Gmail, Office 365, and other cost-cutting solutions.