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Batch Convert HEIC to PNG on Mac With Complete Image Integrity

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 20-Jul-2022 ~ HEIC File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Although there are numerous benefits to HEIC picture files, there are also drawbacks. One of the limitations is that Windows machines’ software does not support it adequately. However, if you need to remedy this problem by converting your HEIC files to a more popular format such as PNG, don’t panic – the process is straightforward. Follow the simple steps below to convert HEIC to PNG in bulk.

The Positive Aspects of PNG Image Format

The following is a list of benefits offered by the PNG file format:

  • Its lossless compression quality doesn’t compromise information and quality during picture compression.
  • This format supports a great number of colours and may be used for a variety of digital image kinds, including pictures and graphics.
  • Support for transparency enables the reduction of digital pictures that include parts that are transparent.
  • Lossless compression makes it ideal for storing digital photos in preparation for alteration, making it an excellent format for image editing.
  • Images that feature inscriptions, line arts, or graphics benefit greatly from having sharp edges and solid colours.

How to Batch Convert HEIC to PNG Photos on Mac?

The extremely specialized converter known as HEIC Images Converter is designed specifically to convert HEIC images. The utility, which is Mac-based, supports all of its versions. Without any glitches or lag, it can convert multiple HEIC to PNG at once. The conversion process is secure and preserves the quality of your original photographs. We’ve laid out the exact steps you must take to convert HEIC photos to PNG in detail. Please go through them to familiarise yourself with how the tool operates.

Note: You may try out a trial version of the software by following the link provided above. For a limited extent, you may change HEIC to PNG mac for free using this version. You may check out its features and see how it works in action. You may then purchase a licence key after trying the software to convert HEIC to JPG and other formats as well.

How to Convert HEIC File to PNG? A Detailed Instruction

  • You will need to download the HEIC to PNG converter onto your Mac. After the download is finished, you may continue to install the tool and then use it to batch convert HEIC to PNG.
    download heic to png converter
  • Click the Add File or Add Folder option to add HEIC photographs to the software.
    add files or add folders
  • As soon as all of the HEIC photographs have been imported into the application, you will be prompted to select which ones are going to be converted.
    select files to convert
  • From the Save As a drop-down option, select PNG as the format you want to use.
    select png as saving format
  • To convert from HEIC to PNG on a Mac, first, navigate to the directory where you want to store your PNG files, and then click the Save button after making your selection.
    click save to convert heic to png on mac

As a result, here is how to use the program to change HEIC to PNG on Mac. However, if you want to learn more about the tool, please see the part that follows. The following list of the tool’s features will help you better comprehend the utility.

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HEIC File to PNG Converter Software: Some Primary Functions

  • Batch Conversion: You may save time with this tool. This is due to its capacity to batch convert HEIC to PNG. No matter how many files you have, you can convert them all at once.
  • Dual Selection Mode: The software provides two selection and uploading choices for HEIC files. You may add files or folders, depending on size of the files you desire to convert.
  • Explore and Choose a Place for Storage: The tool enables you to browse and choose a location for storage of your data. With the help of this option, you may save your data in a handy but safe location.
  • Compatibility with Operating Systems: The application may be used on a Mac computer. You may also acquire the software for Windows by clicking download link above.


We’ve given you an amazing way to bulk convert HEIC to PNG format. You may convert an unlimited number of files at once with the HEIC file to PNG converter application. It’s a simple technique to convert HEIC photos to PNG and other formats like GIF and TIFF. It has a free version that you may use to test the tool. You may download the programme by following the link above and start converting right away.