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Convert HEIC to PDF For Integrating Multiple Images into One

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 22-Jul-2022 ~ HEIC File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Many people are interested in combining all of their HEIC photographs into a single PDF document in the hopes that this would make managing their image collection easier. Converting HEIC files to PDF format can be done in a number of different ways. However, in order to save the image’s quality as well as the other data, a reliable technique needs to be used. In this post, you will discover a simple and secure method to convert HEIC to PDF format on a mac. Therefore, start browsing at it now.

The following are some of the most prevalent advantages of creating PDF documents from HEIC photos.

  • Sending a Photo Through Email to Others without iPhones: HEIC is not very well-liked and occasionally has software or hardware compatibility issues. By converting your files, you ensure that your receivers can see your photographs.
  • Product Range List: Prospective customers need to see a company’s product offerings. Once more, combining photos into a PDF file functions well. Later, text and more visuals can be added.
  • Deliver Paperwork in the Appropriate Format: A fairly common format for exchanging electronic documents is PDF. In certain cases, sending a contract as a document through email only requires taking a picture of it.

The Best Way to Convert HEIC to PDF Portable Format

MacXtra HEIC Image Converter is the most dependable and secure solution to convert an HEIC file to PDF on mac. The tool is completely Mac-based and works with any OS version. The tool features a free demo version that you can get by clicking the download button above. It can convert multiple HEIC to PDF on mac at the same time with no lag. It is also stand-alone and does not require any extra settings to convert photos. To learn how to convert HEIC pictures to PDF with the toolkit, follow the steps outlined below.

How Do I Convert a HEIC to PDF on Mac? Step-by-step Process

  • On your Mac-based device, you must first download the multiple HEIC to PDF Converter. After that, finish installing it before starting the HEIC file to PDF conversion.
    download multiple heic to pdf converter
  • The Add Files or Add Folder option must be clicked after the utility is up and running in order to browse and submit all HEIC files to the tool.
    click add files or add folders
  • You must choose which HEIC photographs you want to convert once they have all been uploaded to the tool’s left side. Only the ones you choose are converted by the tool.
    choose heic files to convert
  • Choose Save as PDF files from the list of choices at this point.
    select pdf as saving option
  • Pick a place to store your output files. To convert HEIC to PDF, click the Save button after that.
    click save to convert heic to pdf

The conversion will begin as soon as you press the save button. It won’t take long for the conversion to be finished, and you’ll be informed when it is. Now, if you want to learn more about the tool, you can read the part below, which includes some of the features that improve the procedure.

Discover Some Functions of the Multiple HEIC to PDF Converter

  • Conversion in Bulk: The programme can convert HEIC to PDF files in bulk. Even if you have an unlimited amount of files on your device, you may convert them all simultaneously and using the same process.
  • Data Selection Mode: When converting HEIC file to PDF, there are two selection modes available. You will be able to pick either specific files or a whole folder holding a huge number of files.
  • Browse Location: The HEIC file to PDF converter allows you to specify where the files should be kept. It makes it easy to find your documents since you will keep them in a convenient location.
  • Program Security: The multiple HEIC to PDF converter is incredibly safe and secure, preserving the integrity of your images. Your pictures will not be altered in any way during the conversion.


The HEIC file to PDF converter that we offer is the appropriate program to use in the event that you do not wish to maintain your photographs in the HEIC format but rather wish to convert them to PDF. This programme was developed specifically for the purpose of converting your HEIC files to a number of other formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF, amongst others. Therefore, if you want to convert HEIC to PDF as well as a variety of other formats, this tool is the best option for you.