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Add Hotmail to Mac Mail Account Manually and Professionally

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 07-Oct-2022 ~ Hotmail Emails ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Within the scope of this post, we have discussed both the manual and automatic procedures to add Hotmail to Mac Mail. Continue reading this instructive post if you are one of the people who fall into the category of those who wish to carry out the same migration method and are seeking for all of the feasible solutions.

How to Manually Add Hotmail to Mac Mail?

  • Click the Mail application in your Mac’s Dock.
  • Choose Add Account from the Mail menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, pick Other Mail Account, and then click Continue. The following page may ask you to choose Mail Account depending on the version of Mac OS you’re using. Fill out the boxes with your name, Hotmail email address, and password. Click the Sign In button.
  • Check the box next to “Mail and Notes” and leave it ticked. Simply choose the completed option.
  • Check the sidebar labelled “Mailbox” that appears when you click the Mail icon. If your Inbox is closed, click the arrow to the right of it to access all of your mailboxes at once.

Note: If you use Mail to check your Hotmail account, select the new Hotmail mailbox. In the case of a brand-new account, you will only have a single email to look forward to: a warm welcome. The figure next to Hotmail in the Mailboxes list displays the total number of messages in the service if the account is old.

  • Through the Mac’s built-in Mail software, you can check your Hotmail inbox, reply to messages, and create new messages all from the comfort of your computer.

So, while it may appear easy, there are some limitations to this method of manually adding Hotmail to Apple Mail. Before you contemplate using the manual method to connect Hotmail to Mac mail, we advise you to look at some of its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Using the Manual Method

  1. First and foremost, you must be set up with a Mac Mail account. If you are not, you should avoid using the manual way to add Hotmail to Mac Mail El Capitan and previous versions.
  2. Furthermore, the procedure may differ depending on the version of Mac Mail used. You must complete several processes with different versions of Mail.
  3. Last but not least, you will not be able to add certain folders to Mac Mail. When you manually connect Hotmail to Mac Mail, even if you don’t want to, all of the folders will be connected.

So, to get around these limitations, we have another solution for you that is completely automated and works exactly as you specify. Examine it as well.

A Professional Way to Connect Hotmail to Mac Mail

The most trusted and commonly used software to connect Hotmail to Mac Mail is MacXtra Hotmail Backup Wizard. It is simple to use and has many additional features that may make your migration smoother. It allows you to decide which folders to migrate and deselect others that aren’t as vital. Furthermore, it asks you to follow a few simple steps to add Hotmail emails to Apple Mail. We recommend that you go through those stages to learn how the tool works.

Step-by-step Process to Connect Hotmail Emails to Mac Mail

  • To connect Hotmail emails to Mac Mail, download, install, and run the Hotmail to Apple Mail Migration tool.
    download hotmail to mac mail migration tool
  • Now, enter the email address and password for your Hotmail account into the tool.
    enter hotmail credentials
  • Select the folders that you wish to migrate along with the MBOX as the saving option after all of the folders are available in the software.
    select mbox as saving option
  • Use filters to move certain emails at this step. To transfer individual emails, you may specify a date range and use email fields.
    use filters
  • Now, choose where you want your resulting files saved. Then, to add Hotmail to Mac Mail, click the Start Backup.
    click start backup button to add hotmail to mac mail
  • The migration will now begin, and you will be alerted when it is completed.
    migration completion

You may now open the resulting MBOX files and import them into any version of Mac Mail. That’s how the Hotmail email to Mac Mail transfer tool works. If you want to know more about this amazing tool, read the capabilities listed below.

Find Some Traits of the Hotmail to Mac Mail Migration Tool

  • The application is user-friendly due to its intuitive graphical user interface.
  • It can import all account emails, attachments, etc. into Mac Mail in bulk.
  • It permits the selection and deselection of Hotmail folders before to the transfer.
  • The Hotmail to Mac Mail Migration tool is compatible with all Mac OS versions.
  • It allows you to choose a suitable and handy location to save output files.
  • During migrating, it is entirely secure and preserves the original file structure.


We have provided both a manual and an automatic technique to add Hotmail to Mac Mail. While the manual technique has certain disadvantages and is best suited to technical users, the automated approach is best suited to all users. You may also use the automatic Hotmail email to Mac Mail Migration Tool to convert Hotmail to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo mail, and other email providers. We recommend that you evaluate both options and choose the one that best meets your needs.