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Add AOL Email to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 and Other Version

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 20-Dec-2022 ~ AOL Email ~ 5 Minutes Reading

About the Article: Here we have described how to add AOL email to Outlook versions 2019, 2016, and 2013. You’ll discover many methods for accomplishing the same goal here. Therefore, if your present demand is the same, let us begin our data transfer trip.

We must inform you that there are two methods to export AOL mail folders to Outlook: manual and automatic. We should also point out that the manual technique is different for each version of Outlook, but the automated approach is universal. As a result, we provide you with each step one by one so that you may complete your task.

How to Add AOL Email to Outlook 2019, 2016?

  1. Open your Outlook Account on your device
  2. In Outlook’s top menu, go to File.
  3. Select Info then Add Account from the left pane.
  4. Click Connect after entering your AOL email address.
  5. Click Connect after entering your AOL email account password.
  6. After that, click Done.

So, using the aforesaid method, you may add an AOL account to Outlook 2019. So, assuming you’re using the same Outlook version, this method is ideal. If you use a different version of Outlook, however, you should follow the steps below to forward emails from AOL to Outlook.

How to Add AOL Account to Outlook 2013, 2010?

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File
  • Go to the Info section and choose the Add Account
  • Select Manual configuration or an extra server type, then click Next.
  • Click the Next button after selecting POP or IMAP.
  • Fill up your name and email address in the User Information section.
  • Select IMAP as the account type, aol.com as the Incoming Mail Server, and smtp.aol.com as the Outgoing Mail Server under Server Information (SMTP).
  • Enter your AOL login details in the Logon Information section, then click the More Settings
  • Check the box next to My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication on the Outgoing Servers page.
  • Select SSL on the Advanced tab and enter 993 as the incoming server (IMAP). Select the kind of encrypted connection from the dropdown menu.
  • Select SSL in the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field and enter 465 as the Outgoing Server (SMTP). Select the kind of encrypted connection from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the Next button after clicking the OK
  • Dismiss the popup window and click the Finish button when you’re complete.

So there you have it: how to add AOL email to Outlook 2013 and 2010.

As you can see, the manual steps vary per Outlook version, are extensive, and need you to wade through several server settings. As a result, to assist you in making all of the procedures as easy as possible, we provide you with an alternative option to migrate AOL email to Outlook. So, have a look at it.

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An Automated Strategy to Transfer AOL Email to Outlook All Version

MacXtra AOL Backup utility is a comprehensive AOL-centric application that enables you to move its files to your chosen platforms. It is a comprehensive tool that overcomes the limitations associated with manual approaches. Thus, a single tool is capable to add AOL accounts to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. As a result, you can be certain that you will not be needed to repeat processes for each edition, as you would with the manual technique. Now, you should consider the actions necessary to forward AOL emails to Outlook.

How to Add AOL Account to Outlook 2016, 2019, and another version?

  • Download, install and launch the AOL to Outlook Converter. Once the tool’s screen appears, you need to add AOL credentials to the tool.
    enter aol credentials
  • After that, you have to select the folders that you want to add to Outlook and you also have to select the saving option as PST.
    select pst as saving option
  • Browse the save location for your resulting files. Apply filters for selective migration. When you’re done, click Save.
    apply filter click save to add aol email to outlook

After you’ve saved your files to the desired place, you may manually import them into your preferred Outlook version.

So, that’s how you use the automatic method to add AOL email to Outlook. Now we’d like to share some of its characteristics with you to demonstrate why this method is better for you.

Discover Some Benefits of the AOL to Outlook Converter

  • It allows you to export AOL mail folders to Outlook for Windows and Mac as well.
  • It allows you to add AOL account to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.
  • Allows you to forward AOL emails to Outlook in bulk with all folders.
  • Import contacts from AOL to Outlook as well as other properties like attachments.
  • You can also select the folders you want to transfer and deselect and others.
  • You can browse and select the location of your choice to save your resulting files.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided many methods to add AOL email to Outlook, each with its own set of features. There are several manual techniques for different Outlook editions; however, the automated approach is the same for all Outlook versions. The automatic method works with both Windows Outlook and Mac, and it just takes a few steps to complete the task. As a result, we urge that you consider each option and choose the one that is ideal for you.