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Forward AOL Email to Yahoo Mail Using a Variety of Tricks

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 23-Dec-2022 ~ AOL Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you want to conclude your quest for the best method to forward AOL email to Yahoo, you can do it here. We’ve compiled a list of methods for forwarding/transferring all or a subset of folders. So, if you think the information in the article will be useful to you, start reading it.

Conversion of AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail: Why Should It Happen?

The following section covers a few of the reasons why AOL customers should import their email messages to Yahoo Mail.

  • When sending messages via AOL Mail, there are failure concerns.
  • Issues with getting messages in AOL Mail’s inbox folders.
  • Due to AOL Mail’s log-in difficulties, users must forward AOL Mail to Yahoo.
  • One of the reasons to import email messages is the deactivation of the AOL Mail client.

As a result of the aforementioned concerns, consumers consider changing from AOL to Yahoo Mail. Now, let’s have a look at the proper process for accomplishing it.

A Manual Process to Forward AOL Email to Yahoo Mail

  • Go to your Yahoo Mail account and sign in.
  • In the upper right corner, click the Gear symbol.
  • After that, choose “More” settings from the drop-down menu.
  • From the left pane, choose the Mailboxes option.
  • To import the mailbox data from another email account into Yahoo Mail, click the Add Mailbox option.
  • In the right pane, choose the AOL option.
  • Press Next after entering your login information.
  • A pop-up appears on the screen when a new wizard is introduced.
  • To provide yahoo access to your AOL inbox, click the “Agree”

Finally, Yahoo Mail will add your AOL email account. You will now get a copy of every email you receive using AOL Mail.

So that’s how to manually transfer email from an AOL account to a Yahoo account. Now let’s take a look at an alternate method for doing the same task.

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An Alternate Approach to Move Email Folders from AOL to Yahoo

The AOL Email Backup Tool is an excellent tool to forward AOL email to Yahoo. This strategy operates in a unique manner. You don’t have to go through Yahoo settings to get AOL emails, like the manual method. However, you may completely send AOL emails to Yahoo email account. Let’s go through the steps involved in the process so you can see how the tool works.

  • After you’ve downloaded the AOL to Yahoo converter from the link above, you’ll need to input your email address and password to connect your AOL account to the application.
    add aol to the tool
  • Once the programme has been updated with all of your AOL Mail folders, you must choose them for conversion and save them to Yahoo.
    select yahoo as saving option
  • Then you must enter your Yahoo email address and password. You may also B for selective transfer and then click the Save.
    enter yahoo credentials click save to forward aol email to yahoo

The data transmission will begin after you press the save button. You will be contacted once it is completed.

So, here is how you may forward AOL emails to Yahoo mail using an automatic method that seems to be much more straightforward. Now it’s time to get a deeper understanding of the instrument. We’d like to show you some of its features so you can see what more you can accomplish with it.

Learn More About the AOL to Yahoo Transfer Tool

  • It has a very simplest UI so you won’t find trouble working on it.
  • It allows you to transfer email from an AOL account to Yahoo in bulk.
  • You can selectively transfer folders and deselect unnecessary ones.
  • AOL to Yahoo converter works on both Mac and Windows OS.
  • You can apply date range and exclude attachments through filters.
  • It is completely standalone and doesn’t require other installations to perform the task.
  • It is completely secured and maintains every property of AOL account data.

In Conclusion

We have offered you several options to forward AOL emails to Yahoo along with all attachments and other properties. You can either opt for the manual approach, which allows you to forward all AOL emails to Yahoo. While the automated approach allows you to transfer all folders and select which ones at the same time. So, kindly go through each approach and opt for the best one that gives you more convenience.