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Directly Forward AOL to Office 365 with All or Selective Folders

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 16-Mar-2023 ~ AOL Email ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Blog Summary:  We can assist you if you’re seeking to migrate AOL to Office 365. We have compiled a list of numerous methods for adding an AOL account to Office 365. So, if this is exactly what you’re looking for right now, let’s get started by getting to know them one by one.

When using AOL Mail, users run into a number of challenges. Those customers also understand the need of migrating from an AOL account to Microsoft 365. The following are some of the reasons why Office 365 is a preferable option for exporting.

Why Should You Migrate AOL to Office 365?

  • The biggest motivation for leaving AOL is the lack of access to an AOL account.
  • When compared to AOL, Office 365 is more dependable. It offers you many useful apps in one place that increases your productivity.
  • When connecting to respective mail accounts, customers often encounter difficulties such as a sudden system termination error in AOL Mail Server.
  • AOL hasn’t been updated in years. So using an email client is riskier. It can’t secure the user’s info effectively. To protect sensitive data, adding an AOL account to Office 365 is the best solution.

In any case, forwarding AOL Email to Office 365 might be a wise move. As a result, in order to encourage you to begin the work, we provide you with all of the solutions one by one. So, first and foremost, learn the manual one.

Manully Forward AOL to Office 365

  • To begin, log in to your Office 365 account and open Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • Second, hit the “Setting” button in the tool’s top right corner and choose “accounts” from the navigation bar. Select “Connected accounts” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, you’ll be sent to a new screen where you may add a POP3/IMAP account to your Outlook account by clicking the “+”
  • A new window will appear on the screen; enter in the AOL email account’s email address and password. Then press “Ok.”
  • You may see the following notification: “Connect your email account,” touch “Ok” to complete the procedure.
  • Finally, you’ll see that the AOL account has been added to the list of “Connected accounts.”

When your AOL account is synced with your Office 365 account, you’ll see all of your AOL email account mailbox folders in Office 365. Furthermore, all AOL account email messages will be sent to customers’ Office 365 mailboxes.

So that’s how you can forward AOL mail to Office 365. However, there are several limitations to the procedure that you should be aware of before using it to complete the task.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

  • When employing a manual method, the chances of data loss and file corruption are high.
  • Because these processes are difficult, they are not ideal for inexperienced users.
  • The second way of importing AOL Mail to Outlook is time-consuming and ineffective if you have a large number of emails in your inbox.

To address all of these concerns, we’ve devised a different method to migrate AOL to Office 365. So please have a look at it and see what it can accomplish for you.

A Different Method to Add AOL Account to Office 365

MacXtra AOL Backup Wizard is a method that not only solves problems that come while using a manual approach but also makes data migrating one of the fastest and simplest for you. It’s an all-in-one program with a tonne of features and just a few steps to forward AOL email to Office 365. It may also be used on devices that are compatible with both Windows and Mac. So, first, check through the steps to see what you need to click on each one.

  • You must open the application after downloading it from the aforementioned link and input your AOL email address and password to link your account to the program.add aol to the tool
  • You must decide which AOL files you want to convert after all of them have been loaded into the tool interface. Additionally, you must select Office 365 as your saving choice.choose office 365 as the saving option
  • Enter your Office 365 credentials, add advanced migration criteria, and then click the save button.
    enter office 365 credentials apply filters click save

So, these are the entire steps you need to follow to complete or selectively migrate AOL to Office 365. Now let’s move on further and take a look at some main features of the AOL to Microsoft 365 Converter.

Some Traits of the AOL Mail to Office 365 Converter

  • It can forward AOL emails along with all attachments to Office 365 in bulk.
  • Allows selective migration of folders. You can deselect unnecessary ones.
  • Set a date range and email fields to migrate specific emails.
  • It’s completely self-contained and doesn’t require any other app support to migrate AOL.


We’ve provided you with a number of options to migrate AOL to Office 365. There is a manual method to forward AOL mail to Office 365 that involves a long and difficult approach. We’ve also provided an automatic method to add AOL account to Office 365 in the simplest manner possible. Thus, examine each strategy to see which one is best for you.

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