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Import POP3 Email to Gmail With All Attachments & Other Data

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 30-Jun-2022 ~ POP3 Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Gmail is an account that needs no introduction; it is the highly advantageous and extensively used email account for emailing. If you use it to store your POP3 data, it may be a very wise move. However, if you have opted to import POP3 Email to Gmail and are unsure how to proceed, read the entire article to gain more information than you need.

Why Must You Keep Your POP3 Emails in Gmail? Does it Have a Positive Impact on Data Accessibility?

Although a POP3 setup account may have a number of advantages, it also has some disadvantages, one of which is that inaccessibility of email on several devices. To access POP3 emails, you must be in close proximity to the device on which the account has been setup.

Gmail, on the other hand, is a cloud-based account that allows you to view your emails from a variety of devices. You may access Gmail emails from any device while protecting your data privacy thanks to the two-step authentication process.

POP3 emails are best kept in Gmail since it allows you to backup your data once more. You may utilise the Takeout features to continue saving your data to local disc in case, owing to certain circumstances, you need to backup your POP3 emails again.

How to Import POP3 Email to Gmail? The Best Answer

One of the most secure and straightforward ways to transfer email from POP3 to Gmail without compromising data integrity is to use the POP3 Email Backup Wizard. It may be used to simultaneously transfer numerous POP3 emails to Gmail. It works reliably and doesn’t require any further software support or settings customization during converting. Furthermore, forwarding POP3 to Gmail merely requires a small number of steps. Please have a look at the list of steps we’ve provided below.

How to Transfer Emails from POP3 to Gmail? Complete Steps

  • Download the POP3 to Gmail migration programme on your Mac. After that, install it and run it to import POP3 email to Gmail.
    download pop3 to gmail import tool
  • Enter your POP3 login information, including the POP3 host and port, as well as your email address and password.
    enter pop3 credentials
  • Select Gmail as the ideal storage choice and the email folder you wish to backup.
    select gmail saving option
  • In this step, you may backup emails for a certain date using the advanced Filter option.
    apply filters
  • Enter your Gmail username and password before pressing the Start Backup button to import a POP3 to Gmail.
    enter gmail credentials
  • You will soon be able to witness the results of the current live POP3 to Gmail conversion on a Mac.
    migration completion

Read More about the POP3 to Gmail Migration tool

  • Simplest GUI: The tool’s user interface is its strongest point. It is pretty simple and self-explanatory. We can guarantee that using the programme to forward POP3 to Gmail won’t be a hassle for you.
  • Batch Migration: The utility is time-saving and efficient. The programme allows you to mass import POP3 email to Gmail. As a result, even if you have a significant number of data, you will still require a short period of time.
  • Entire Data Import: The utility may forward POP3 to Gmail with complete data. It can import emails, attachments, contacts, and any other characteristics linked with them.
  • Selective Migration: The programme has a number of filters you may use for selective data import. You may choose and deselect folders to transmit only the most crucial one, as well as use date ranges to send particular emails.


The POP3 to Gmail import tool is an application that not only allows you to import POP3 email to Gmail but also simplifies the procedure. It enables you to bulk convert a large number of POP3 files, saving you a significant amount of time. It has a free trial version that you may use to have a better grasp of the product. You can purchase a licence key to fully utilise the tool. If necessary, it will also allow you to import POP3 emails to different storage options like as IMAP, Office 365, and others. So, download the programme now and begin transferring your data.