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Import POP3 Email to IMAP With All Attachments and Other Data

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 28-Jun-2022 ~ POP3 Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Have you been using a POP3-enabled email client? Do you wish to switch to an IMAP server for better data access but are unsure how to proceed? If so, allow us to step into your shoes. We’ll guide you through the process and recommend the best technique to import POP3 email to IMAP. We recommend that you continue reading the article for the best migration solution.

When you use a POP3 email client, you cannot access your emails from other PCs. This makes it impossible to view the data while you are not connected to the device. Such a problem may be handled with an IMAP account, which allows you to access your emails from any place using any number of devices. This is why POP3 to IMAP migration is required.

While exporting the local mail folder to another email client or physical workstation may be difficult. Email folders can be corrupted, resulting in the loss of the whole inbox. We provide the best and most secure programme to properly convert POP3 to IMAP.

How to Import POP3 Email to IMAP? The Best Answer

Your most important question, “is it possible to switch from POP3 to IMAP?” may be answered with the use of a programme called POP3 Mail Backup Tool. Using this tool, you will be able to move emails in batch from POP3 to IMAP account in a secure manner without having to expend a lot of work. In order to export POP3 to IMAP one, you will need to follow a few simple procedures. Hence, we strongly propose that you follow those actions below in order to figure out what it is that you need to achieve with them.

Step-by-step Procedure to Switch from POP3 to IMAP

  • On your Mac device, download the POP3 to IMAP migration tool. Then, install it after that and launch it to import POP3 email to IMAP on a Mac.
    start pop3 to imap migration tool
  • Your email address, password, and POP3 credentials, such as POP3 port and POP3 host, must now be entered.
    enter email address and password
  • Choose the email folder you want to backup and IMAP as the appropriate storing method.
    choose imap saving option
  • You may use the sophisticated Filter option to export only certain folders and backup emails for a specified date in this stage.
    apply filters
  • To save the generated file enter email address and password. Then Start Backup Press button to change email POP3 to IMAP.
    enter imap credentials
  • As a consequence, live POP3 to IMAP migration on a Mac occurs, and you will see the outcome in a short amount of time.
    migration completion

So, with the aid of the POP3 to IMAP migration tool, your query “can I change email POP3 to IMAP?” has been addressed. Now, let’s discover more about the tool right now. As a result read through some of the tool’s functions below to gauge its effectiveness.

Explore Some Traits of the POP3 to IMAP Migration Tool

  • Batch Migration: The application allows you to import POP3 email to IMAP in bulk and in the same process. The application is powerful and doesn’t limit you to migrating large files.
  • Migrate Selected Folders: Once you add the POP3 account, all your files will be uploaded to the tool. Then, you will have the option to select and deselect them to migrate only essential ones.
  • Advanced Filters: There are many advanced filters in POP3 to IMAP migration tool that you can apply before you move emails in batch from POP3 to IMAP account. You can apply a date range and apply email fields for selective email migration.
  • OS Support: You can export POP3 to IMAP on Mac OS X. The tool is compatible with all current or old versions of Mac OS. Therefore, you don’t need an updated version of the operating system to use the tool.


The question “Is it possible to switch from POP3 to IMAP?” has been answered in this blog. We offered you a way to move emails in batch from POP3 to IMAP account. POP3 to IMAP migration tool is the one that allows you to import POP3 email to IMAP in the easiest way. It is an amazing tool with many amazing and advanced features to make your data migration smoother and more efficient. You can download the tool from the link above and start migrating your POP3 email not just to IMAP but also to Office 365, Gmail and other saving options right away.