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Migrate POP3 to Office 365 With All or Selective Folders

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 29-Jun-2022 ~ POP3 Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Even though POP3 setup email accounts work best in most cases, they have a number of drawbacks, including the inability to read emails through certain other devices. Such a limitation may be overcome by using an IMAP-configured account, like Office 365, which is ideal for meeting the needs of both individuals and organizations. We can thus explain to you how to migrate POP3 to Office 365 if your existing needs likewise favor O365 over POP3.

Office 365 is superior to any POP3-configured email account or any other email service provider since it satisfies the needs of both individuals and organizations. You may buy plans as per your demand. You may discover many apps in one location to improve your company’s presentation or communication, as well as a domain name to increase your company’s visibility. All of these benefits with a single O365 account. This is why Office is superior to POP3 and other email services.

How to Migrate POP3 to Office 365 with All Attachments?

The POP3 Mail Backup Tool is a powerful tool for migrating from POP3 to Office 365 while keeping all attachments, contacts, calendars, and other properties. Its goal is to migrate as many POP3 email files as possible at once, without limits or slowing down. It works with Mac and is self-contained, so to migrate POP3 email to Office 365, you don’t need any other software. We’ve written down all of the steps you need to take to finish the job. Read them to learn more about what the tool can do.

Step-by-step Procedure for Switching from POP3 to Office 365

  • Downloading the POP3 to Office 365 migration app onto your device is the first step. After that, you will need to install it and then open it in order to migrate POP3 to Office 365 on a Mac.
    download pop3 to office 365 migration tool
  • At this time, you will need to provide your email address, password, and POP3 credentials, which include your POP3 port and POP3 host.
    enter credentials
  • Select the email folder that you wish to back up, and then select Office 365 as the type of storage that is most suited.
    select office 365 saving option
  • At this point, you have the option of making use of the highly developed Filter feature in order to migrate only the emails and folders that pertain to a particular date.
    apply filters
  • Please enter your email address as well as the password associated with your Office 365 account. Then Start Backup Press button to migrate from POP3 to Office 365.
    enter office 365 credentials
  • A live migration from POP3 to Office 365 on a Mac takes place, and you will be able to view the results in a very short period of time.
    migration completion

Therefore, the mass migration POP3 to Office 365 may be accomplished in this manner. In accordance with the protocol, we would like to demonstrate how to make use of various aspects of the instrument. Investigate them so that you may have a better feel for the instrument.

Learn More about the POP3 to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Basic GUI: The POP3 to Office 365 migration application offers an intuitive user interface. As a result, using it to migrate POP3 to Office 365 will be trouble-free.
  • Selective Migration: The POP3 email to Office 365 migration tool allows you to selectively transfer only the most important folders to your Office 365 account.
  • Migration Capacity: You should not be concerned if you have a large number of files. The tool permits the simultaneous migration of an unlimited number of files of any size.
  • Advanced Filters: Before migrating from POP3 to Office 365, you may apply a variety of filters available in the tool. For selective email migration, you may apply a date range and email field.


With our suggested POP3 email to Office 365 migration tool, you can effortlessly migrate POP3 to Office 365. The program is a terrific solution that permits limitless migration from the POP3 account to Office. There is a free version available for converting a few texts. After that, you may acquire its license key to have access to all of its other features. Note that the tool is also capable of transferring POP3 emails to other saving formats, such as IMAP, Gmail, and Exchange, among others. Therefore, swiftly download the application to use all of its capabilities.