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Forward AT&T Email to Gmail in Bulk Using Variety of Ways

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 10-Jan-2023 ~ AT&T Email ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: This blog post will detail every method to forward ATT email to Gmail accounts. Thus, we recommend that you read it if you’re seeking the same information and attempting the same activity.

Transferring messages from your ATT account’s inbox to Gmail makes it easier to keep track of all your electronic correspondence in one spot. To synchronize your Gmail email account with other inboxes, utilize Gmail’s Mail Fetcher function. You may also configure your ATT account to forward future messages to Gmail, so you don’t have to visit your ISP’s mailbox every time you want to check for new emails.

As a result, we provide you with the option of forwarding ATT emails to Gmail as well as setting up an auto-forwarding option in Gmail to view ATT emails. In addition to these options, there is an automated approach that streamlines the process and eliminates the need for forwarding. So, one by one, go over them.

The Manual Ways to Forward ATT Email to Gmail

Technique 1: Setting Up Auto-Forwarding in an AT&T Email Account

  • To begin, use a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer to sign in to your AT&T webmail
  • You’ll need to click or tap on the “POP & Forwarding” option after you’ve signed into your ATT webmail account. Then you’ll be sent to the next screen.
  • On the next page, under the “Forward mail to the following address” box, type your Gmail account’s email address in the provided form.
  • After that, you must click or press the “Save Changes” option. If you do so, a “Verify Email Address” window will appear on your screen, where you must click or press the Send Code button.
  • You must now login into your Gmail account using a different browser or tab and open the AT&T email you received. The verification code may be found in the ATT email.
  • Return to the window where you signed into your AT&T webmail account and type this verification code into the “Verify Email Address” box.
  • You must click or touch the Done option after entering the code in the “Verify Email Address” box on the “POP & Forwarding” page.
  • Simply click or press the Save Changes option after that. All emails received in your ATT email account will now be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account.

So, this is the first manual technique to forward an ATT email to Gmail. Now let’s move on to the second approach to forward your ATT  Mail to Gmail.

Technique 2: Establishing Auto Forwarding in a Gmail Account

  • Sign in to your Gmail account, then choose “Settings” from the toolbar’s gear icon.
  • Click the “Accounts” tab, and then under the Check Mail From Other Accounts section, select “Add a POP3 Mail Account You Own.”
  • Enter your AT&T email address, then click “Next Step” to go to the next step, which is to enter your AT&T password.
  • Change the Port setting to “995” and enter “att.net” in the POP Server form.
  • To prohibit Gmail from deleting emails, check the option next to “Leave a Copy of Retrieved Messages on the Server.”
  • Select “Always Use a Secure Connection (SSL) When Retrieving Mail” from the drop-down menu.
  • If you want Gmail to label incoming messages as originating from your AT&T account, check the box next to “Label Incoming Messages.” If you choose this option, you will be able to view the messages from a different folder in Gmail.
  • If you don’t want AT&T communications to display in your Gmail inbox, check the option next to “Archive Incoming Messages.”
  • To begin moving your AT&T mail to Gmail, click “Add Account.” Depending on how much mail you have in your AT&T account, the procedure may take several minutes or longer.

These are the two manual methods to forward ATT emails to Gmail. So, let’s move on to the automated method, which eliminates the need for manual forwarding and provides a simple way to import email from ATT to Gmail.

An Automated Approach to Transfer Email from AT&T to Gmail

MacXtra Email Backup is an application that allows you to migrate ATT mail to Gmail. It’s the best ATT to Gmail converter since it converts them immediately without the need for any further processes. It facilitates the completion of your project in a few easy steps and allows for mass conversion. As a consequence, we recommend that you review the procedures and assess the tool’s performance first.

Step-by-step Procedure to Export At&T Emails to Gmail Account

  • To forward ATT Yahoo email to Gmail using the ATT to Gmail converter, first download, install, and run it on your devices.
  • When the tool’s screen displays add your AT&T email address and password to the tool.
    enter att credentials
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your ATT folders to the program, you’ll need to choose them for conversion and choose IMAP as the saving method.
    select imap as saving option
  • After that, enter your Gmail email address and password.
    enter Gmail credentials
  • Apply multiple filters to achieve the best result, then click the save.
    apply filters click save button

So, here is how the tool works. You can add ATT emails to Gmail in just a few steps. Let’s take a closer look at the instrument to see what ore it can produce.

Why is AT&T to Gmail Converter an Excellent Choice for You?

  • It offers an easy-to-use interface, so forwarding ATT email to Gmail is a breeze.
  • It enables you to forward ATT email to Gmail in bulk with no restrictions.
  • Allows you to migrate just certain folders and uncheck those that aren’t needed.
  • Transfer contacts from ATT to Gmail and other properties as well
  • To get the desired result, you may use filters such as date range.
  • The application works with both Mac and Windows operating systems.


We have provided you with many options to forward ATT email to Gmail account. The method incorporates both manual and automated procedures. The manual method enables you to forward emails, but the automatic method allows you to permanently move all folders. So, go through all of the options and choose the best one for you.