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Transfer Emails Between Yahoo Account on Mac OS

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 10-Jun-2022 ~ Yahoo Email ~ 6 Minutes Reading

You all might have been surfing through the internet to find a solution for the export of Yahoo Mail folders to another Yahoo account. Well, here we are with the best and the accurate solution for Mac users.

Queries Vary the following:

“Hi, I recently created a new Yahoo account for my personal use. And I am transferring all the emails to my new account. But the issue is that there are around 200+ important emails that I need to forward. Could you please help me with a solution to export Yahoo Mail folders to another Yahoo account?”

“How do I transfer folders from one Yahoo email account to another?”

“Please suggest a tool to transfer Yahoo emails to another account for Apple computer.”

These are the only few handpicked queries from the user. While there are tons of questions there is a need for migration of emails from one place to another. Read the post and get the tool from the article here.

Why & How – Export Yahoo Mail Folder to Another Account

Users can find the bulk of methods available on the internet to export Yahoo Mail folders to another Yahoo Account on a Mac. However, the question of which approach consumers should take emerges. The Manual Methods listed on the internet though are free but come with tons of limitations and harms. The user’s data can be lost during the procedure because of many reasons, the user might not be too tech-savvy or the method itself got failed. The manual method doesn’t guarantee anything to the users. Therefore, in the end, even after following the correct steps, the users can get failed.

On the other hand, a third-party tool or automated method can help the users greatly. The method preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the process. This tool guarantees a 100% success rate at the end of the user has given correct commands.

Opinion: The users should go for a third-party tool to protect their data from threats.

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Yahoo – The Demanding and Trusted Email Client

Yahoo is one of the most trusted and reliable email clients available on the internet. Emailing has become the backbone of tons of organizations working day and night. Therefore, having a reliable email client with advanced features is what users need today. Yahoo, thus, fulfills and meets the expectations of the users and has become the top choice among the users. Some users have been using different yahoo accounts for different reasons. The user might want to switch to another yahoo account and forward all the former emails to this latter one. Else the user might be thinking to use the secondary email client as the primary one in some work.

The probable question is how the user can Export Yahoo Mail folders to another Yahoo Account on Mac. This question requires a smart solution; therefore, the users need to find a solution that can be trusted and produces accurate results at the same time. Thus, this article would give the users with the best solution-a third-party tool which guarantees 100% safety and security.

How to Transfer Yahoo Emails to Another Account

The Yahoo Mail Email Backup Tool Mac is the best and most reliable tool to Export Yahoo Mail folders to another yahoo account. The tool not only preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy but also guarantees accurate results in the end. The toolkit guarantees a complete success rate in the end, thus, no risk at all. The tool is entirely stand-alone, so users don’t need to install any other programs in order to use it. The utility is dependable and effective, making it a clear choice for users.

The subject line, text formatting, and other relevant Meta components are all preserved and kept intact by the wizard both during and after the procedure. The application provides two flexible options for selecting the final file’s destination location and naming scheme.

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Steps to Operate the Tool – Export Yahoo Mail folders to Another Yahoo account

Download the application on your Mac Machine and follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Launch the application. Enter the credentials of Yahoo and press the login button to get access to all the folders in the Yahoo account.

Get the tool to Export Yahoo Mail folders to another Yahoo account

  • Soon software will scan and load all the files/folders from which the user can choose according to the choice.
  • Now, go to the Select Saving Option drop-down option. Press on Yahoo. Enter the passwords to the needed file.
  • To export selectively use the filter option. Fill up the required field & go back to Start Email Backup.
  • Finally, press the Start Backup button to initiate the process.

The Traits of the Software

Here are a few of the key characteristics of the tool that will demonstrate why users should purchase it. Review the features.

  • The software is quick and produces effective results in the end. The tool can handle large and oversized files effectively without any errors and glitches.
  • The application has a user-friendly GUI with a cohesive design. As a result, the gadget can do the operation without the users’ requirement for outside help.
  • There are two options available in the software for uploading Yahoo files. The user has the option of choosing a selective conversion or a mass conversion.
  • The wizard is compatible with all of the most recent Mac OS releases, including 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, and 10.12 Sierra.

Final Words

In this post, we’ll show you how to export Yahoo Mail folders to another Yahoo account on a Mac in a simple and efficient way. The wizard is the ultimate and reliable tool for this. The utility comes with a simple interface that preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and supports all recent macOS editions. The wizard guarantees 100% safety and security to the user’s data and prevents it from any loss. The tool is reliable and effective and produces accurate results.