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Export Email Addresses from Office 365 Distribution List/Admin Center

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Extract Email Address ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Export email addresses from Office 365 including any attachments and email headers associated with it. This post aims to help you quickly discover the most dependable and effective method for extracting email addresses from any part of your Office 365 account without requiring you to expend significant effort. We recommend that you browse down the page for a bit to obtain all of the solution’s details.

Hello, I work for a sales firm that requires me to send promotional emails to current and prospective clients. To send promotional emails, we require random email addresses, which my superior advised I obtain from the official Office 365 account of the company. However, the account has millions of email addresses that are difficult for me to obtain all at once. So, can somebody advise me on how to extract email addresses from Office 365 distribution list in bulk?

How to Export Email addresses from Office 365? The Best Answer

MacXtra Email Addresses Extractor is the finest solution for exporting email addresses from the Office 365 admin centre. The programme is specifically intended to retrieve only the addresses from your specified account. With a few simple clicks, you may retrieve attachments from attachments and any of the email fields. Therefore, regardless of how many email addresses you have or where they reside in Office 365, you can extract them all with a few clicks. You may learn how to use the programme by following the steps outlined below.

Complete Steps to Extract Office 365 Email Addresses

  • On your Mac, you may download Office 365 Email Address Extractor from the URL above. The next step is to extract email addresses from Office 365, which may be done once the installation is complete.
    download office 365 email address extractor
  • Start the software, then head to the left panel and choose Office 365 from the list of apps to use as the source. Afterwards, you’ll need to supply the app with your Office 365 email accounts and passwords.
    enter office 365 credentials
  • After the Office 365 folders are imported into the program’s left pane, you may choose them. In addition, you’ll be asked to specify a destination folder in which to save the final result.
    select destination path
  • Currently, you may export email addresses from Office 365 in a filtered fashion by adding a number of filters. Email fields and a time range can be used to get specific information.
    apply filters
  • You may begin the process of extracting email addresses from Office 365 by clicking the “Extract” button. After a short while, a notice will appear.
    click extract button to export email addresses from office 365
  • When the extraction is done in a few seconds, you’ll see the location where your addresses have been stored.
    view output

Use the O365 email address extractor as described above to get email addresses out of Office 365. Read on for more information about this application.

Learn More about the O365 Email Address Extractor

  • Ease of Use: The software’s interface is designed to be intuitive. Even if you’ve never used software like this before, you won’t have any trouble getting started. Simply sign in to your Office 365 account and choose the folders you wish to extract addresses from, and the application will do the rest.
  • Extraction in Bulk: Utilizing this software is quite advantageous to bulk export email addresses from Office 365 all at once. It does not matter how many email addresses are stored in your Office 365 account; you are free to extract all of them at once without being subject to any kind of restriction.
  • Pick a Destination: You have the option of saving the Office 365 address to any location or folder on the device you are using. Instead of requiring you to store the result to a certain spot that the programme has predetermined for you, it gives you the option to choose anywhere you want to put the result.
  • Apply Filters: The Office 365 email address extractor gives users the ability to extract particular email addresses by selecting fields such as To, CC, FROM, Subject, and Message Body as filter criteria. With the aid of this programme, you are able to extract email addresses from attachments. This is an additional useful function.


We have provided you with the most effective method to export Email addresses from Office 365 account. Office 365 email address extract is one of the most reliable and user-friendly programmes for extracting addresses in bulk. You may extract addresses from any email field as well as any attachments with this tool. Additionally, you can use the programme to retrieve email addresses from Gmail and other email providers as well. You may download the software from the link above and begin working on your assignment immediately.