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Save Attachments from MS Office 365 Completely or Selectively

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Extract Attachments ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Email attachments play a crucial role in the dissemination of information. Every email client stores many attachments carrying vital or even private information. Therefore, they must be periodically backed up so that you may still access them even if you lose them. Such a scenario applies to the Office 365 account’s attachments, which must be backed up in order to be prepared for unpredictability. So, if you’d like to, you may utilise this article to download attachments from Office 365.

How to Download Attachments from Office 365 Webmail? The Manual Tactic

  • Launch your inbox in Outlook 365.
  • Around the attachments is a “Download All” option (link), which will generate a zip file including all of the attachments. (The archive is located in the Downloads folder.)
  • Select the File menu’s Save Attachments submenu item.
  • Choose the files you want to save under Save All Attachments.
  • For selective data addition or deletion, tap and hold the Ctrl key for a while.
  • You may choose several files by pressing and holding the Shift key for a while.
  • To continue, select the OK button.
  • Select the destination folder where you’d like the files saved, then click OK.

So, here is how you may manually print attachments from Office 365 Web app. Before employing this method, you should be informed of its downsides. So, examine them.

Constraints Inherent in the Employing of the Manual Method

  • It is only possible to download attachments from a single email at a time, as opposed to downloading attachments from several emails.
  • When several attachments need to be downloaded manually from Office365, one at a time, from each email, the process quickly becomes laborious.

A Professional Approach to Download Attachments from Multiple Office 365 Emails

The technique that may effectively download attachments from Office 365 and get beyond the constraints of the manual way is Email Attachment Extractor. It gives you the option to simultaneously download attachments from several emails or folders in a cycle, in contrast to the manual method. Because of this, utilizing this tool to save email attachments from Office 365 does not need a lot of time or effort. Look at the detailed instructions below to fully comprehend the requirements for utilizing the tool.

Complete Steps to Download All Attachments from Office 365

  • On your Mac, download the Office 365 Attachments Extractor. Install and start the program thereafter to download email attachments from Office 365.
    download office 365 attachments extractor
  • After launching the programme, enter your Office 365 email address and password and then click the Login.
    enter office 365 credentials
  • Choose the folders containing the attachments that you wish to extract. Additionally, indicate the location where you want the attachments to be stored.
    select location
  • Utilize filters so that you may selectively download account attachments.
    apply filters
  • Now, you will need to click the Start Extraction button to download attachments from Office 365.
    start extraction button to download attachments from office 365

That is the entire process for utilising the software to download attachments from multiple Office 365 emails. As the extraction procedure has been finished successfully, we’d like to go through some of its characteristics to provide you a better understanding of the instrument. So, check them out.

Find Some Traits of the Office 365 Attachments Extractor

  • User Interface That Is Very Straightforward: Because this Office 365 Attachment Extractor has a very straightforward user interface, it will be possible for you to accomplish the task at hand without the aid of any other person.
  • Extract Attachments in Masse: One of the software’s most helpful features is the ability to simultaneously download attachments from Office 365 in quantity. This helps you save a lot of time. No matter how many attachments are present in Office 365, this tool would extract them all at once with just few clicks.
  • Data Integrity: The integrity of your data is preserved during the extraction process by using this programme. You are able to retrieve the data in its original format, and the data’s integrity has been maintained throughout the process.
  • Select Location: Any location you choose to store attachments to is navigable. The Office 365 attachments extractor enables you to choose and decide on the intended location, allowing you to better protect them.
  • Advanced Filters: Your Office 365 attachments extractor not only allows you to download several attachments at once, but you can also filter them to download just those that meet certain criteria. You’ll be able to customise several settings, such as the time range, the file size and the email address field to store them in.


We have provided both manual and automated methods to download attachments from Office 365. The manual method does not permit downloading attachments from numerous emails simultaneously. In contrast, the Office 365 attachments extractor enables you to save all account attachments simultaneously. This programme allows you to download attachments from many email systems, including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and others. Therefore, evaluate both strategies and choose the most appropriate one to save email attachments from Office 365.