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How to Download Attachment from Hotmail Account in Bulk?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 22-Aug-2022 ~ Extract Attachments ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Attachments are one of the most important properties of any email account, be it Hotmail or another. They must be periodically backed up to other alternatives so that if you are unable to open Hotmail to examine attachments, you may access them from another location. This article explains how to download attachment from Hotmail in bulk to a local disc. So, if you wish to perform the same, keep reading to get the ultimate answer.

An Outstanding Way to Download an Attachment from Hotmail

Email Attachment Downloader is one of the most efficient and effective methods for downloading files from a Hotmail account. It allows you to download attachments from every email in your Hotmail account without having to open each one individually. It is an all-inclusive method that allows you to download attachments from Hotmail in batch to your hard disc. We have provided a comprehensive list of the procedures required to print an attachment from Hotmail. Examine them to familiarise yourself with them.

Step-by-step Procedure to Download Attachment from Hotmail

  • You may download the Hotmail Attachments Extractor application on any Mac-based device. If you want to download email attachments from Hotmail, you will first need to install the application, and then you will need to launch it.
    download hotmail attachment extractor
  • Now that you have access to the interface of the tool, you will need to input your Hotmail email address as well as your password before hitting the login button.
    input hotmail credentials
  • Select the folders that contain the files you aim to extract into a separate folder. In addition, select the destination directory where you want the attachments to be stored.
    select destination path
  • Apply filters for selectively retrieve the attachments. You may apply filters, such as the date range, attachment size.
    apply filters
  • Now, in order to print an attachment from Hotmail account, you will need to hit the Start Extraction.
    start extraction button to download attachment from hotmail

So, that’s how you may bulk download attachment from Hotmail account at once. Following that procedure, you must read the part below if you want to understand more about the tool. Please have a look at the functioning of the tool that you have mentioned below.

Learn More about the Hotmail Attachments Extractor

  • Bulk Extraction: You won’t have to manually remove each attachment one by one if you use this programme. You are free to download attachment from Hotmail in bulk without being subject to any limitations and without having to open each individual email. This affords you the ability to do the task in the shortest amount of time feasible.
  • Browse Location: This tool will not need you to save your Hotmail attachments to a predetermined location, such as the Downloads folder that is predetermined for your operating system. This Hotmail attachment extractor gives you the option to go to a location of your choosing, after which the files that are extracted can be saved in that location.
  • Advanced Filters: Using Hotmail’s advanced filters, you may choose which attachments to download, even though you can download multiples at once. You’ll be able to filter downloaded attachments by date, size, file type, and recipient email address.
  • Device Assistance: The application is specifically intended for Mac OS devices. You can easily download attachments from Hotmail on 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X, El Capitan 10.11, and other versions.


My Hotmail account contains about 3,000 attachments; can I retrieve them all at once?

Yes, the Hotmail attachment extractor can extract any number of Hotmail attachments at the same time. However, you may encounter limitations in the trial edition, but there are none in the licencing version.

Do I need to download a separate programme to access Hotmail attachments?

No, this application is entirely autonomous and requires no further configuration to print an attachment from Hotmail.

Can this utility be utilised on Windows 8.1?

No, the Hotmail attachment extractor only works with mac OS. You may use it in any version of MAC OS, old or new, to extract Hotmail attachments.


The Hotmail Attachment Extractor is the greatest tool to download attachment from Hotmail. It is simple to use, requires only a short process to extract Hotmail attachments, and provides several benefits. It offers several of the most innovative features to make your work even more ideal and enjoyable. The utility can also be used to extract attachments from Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, and Office 365. So, remember the programme if you ever need to retrieve attachments from any of the accounts.