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Delete Email from Zoho Mail in Bulk Manually and Directly

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 30-Sep-2022 ~ Clean Up Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Is your Zoho mail running out of space? The only way to get out of this problem is to delete bulk emails, but you can’t seem to find the correct technique for it? If yes, we can assist you. We’ll guide you through many methods to delete email from Zoho Mail, which you may select from based on your comfort level. As a consequence, let’s start by going over it.

How to Delete User Email in Zoho Mail? The Manual Method

Once signed in Zoho Mail, browse to Settings. Then select Folders. Following that; examine to view the used storage folder by folder.

Emptying storage may be accomplished in the manner described below.

  • If you want to empty the whole folder, right-click on it and choose Empty Folder.
  • If you want to remove emails sent up to a specified date, right click >Empty Folder >Select Delete messages sent up to >Enter the desired date and click Delete.
  • To delete emails from a certain sender, right-click on any email from that sender and choose delete. List all emails sent by this sender and then delete them.
  • To delete emails with attachments, click the attachment symbol in the tool bar. > Select and delete emails with attachments.

Sorting of the emails may be accomplished in many ways. You can sort by date, so that older emails appear first, and you can delete older emails first. You can also sort by file size, from largest to smallest, and delete bigger files first.

So, this is the first method for deleting old Zoho emails. If you believe the technique is tough to comprehend and follow, you may go on to the next strategy, which is completely simple to follow and grasp. Examine it, then.

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An Ultimate Way to Delete Email from Zoho Mail

EmailRaser Application for Mac is an application that provides you with a full, dependable, and simple data clean-up process. Unlike the manual technique, you do not need to go through any complicated steps to delete email through Zoho Mail. All you need to do is link your account to the programme and choose what you want to delete. We are providing you with all of the stages in order for you to completely comprehend what you are needed to do in this method. So, please follow them.

How to Delete Email from Zoho? A Step-by-step Guide

  • Download the Zoho Mail Eraser programme on your device. Once downloaded; you must Install and execute it to delete email from Zoho Mail.
    start the zoho mail eraser tool
  • After that, you need to sync the tool with your Zoho account. You will need to enter your Zoho Mail email address and password.
    enter zoho mail credentials
  • You must now double-check the folders you wish to remove in your Zoho account. You may pick all or simply one, depending on your needs.
    select the folders to delete
  • You may delete individual emails using a number of factors, including an email field to eliminate emails from a specific address.
    apply filters
  • You may start deleting the Zoho mailbox by pressing the start wipe button. You will be informed once all of the specified emails or files have been removed.
    click erase button to delete email from zoho mail

So, that’s how you may delete email from Zoho Mail using an automatic method that seems to be a lot easier than the manual method. Now let’s take a more in-depth look at it. To give you a better idea of the tool’s potential, we’d like to show you some of its most important features. Examine them as a result.

Find Some Traits of the Zoho Mail Eraser Tool

  • You can bulk delete emails from Sentbox, Inbox, Spam and other Zoho folder.
  • You will be given the option to choose the folders that you want to delete.
  • The app can run on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
  • The application allows you to delete emails from a specific period and address.
  • The tool is totally reliable and maintains other properties related to your Zoho.
  • You can exclude the attachments from being deleted & specify a specific email size to delete.


You may now delete email from Zoho mail with ease. We’ve shown you the best two methods to delete a sent email in Zoho Mail in this post. We have both a manual and an automated approach for you to choose from. The manual method, on the other hand, is difficult to master, which the automated method can overcome. Examine each method and put it to use on your own to see which is best for you.

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