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How to Manually Delete All Emails from cPanel Account? The Best Answer

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 20-Apr-2022 ~ Clean Up Emails ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary:How to delete all emails from cPanel” Our objective is to address this question immediately. We’ve compiled a list of several useful solutions for deleting old emails from any cPanel account or folder. Thus, if you believe the information included in the article is important to you, begin extracting it.

cPanel delete all emails. Yes, you may remove all mailboxes from any of the associated accounts directly from the cPanel. There are significant limitations, however, such as the inability to use filters to remove specific emails. We’ve included detailed instructions below on how to delete your emails using the cPanel. Therefore, have a look.

Manual Procedure to Delete All Emails from cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel and choose the Email Disk Usage icon from the Mail area.
  2. Select the exact email account you’d want to clean up next to the Account header.

On the following page, you’ll get a list of the various mailboxes associated with the email account you choose. You’ll be able to view your Inbox, Sent Items, Junk Mail, and so on. The amount of emails in each of these mailboxes will be shown, as well as the disc utilisation for each.

  • On the far right, next to the mailbox you’d want to clear up, click Manage. We’ll be cleaning up the Inbox in the sample below.
  • To erase messages, go to the left-hand menu and choose Messages.
  • You’ll be given many default selections; in this case, we’ll choose 1 year old or more, which would remove all messages from the Inbox that are 1 year old or older.
  • When you’re satisfied you want to go forward with this, click Delete Permanently.

That concludes our discussion on how to delete emails from cPanel through the manual cPanel capabilities. As you can see, there is little that the manual approach can achieve. You would have to erase the emails according to the account’s wishes, not yours. If you wish to take a truly user-centric approach, go to the following section.

An Automated Approach to Delete Emails from cPanel

MacXtra EmailRaser is a very user-friendly application that enables you to erase your emails in the simplest manner imaginable. The programme is entirely dedicated to deleting emails from any of your accounts by providing just a few simple steps but a plethora of complex filters. It allows you to remove emails from the spam and other relevant folders. Thus, review the relevant procedures below to learn how to pick folders and apply filters in order to delete all emails from cPanel.

Step-by-step Procedure to Delete Emails in Spam Folder from cPanel

  • Download the cPanel Eraser application for your Mac device using the download button above. Following that, install and run it.
    download cpanel email eraser tool
  • When you launch the programme, you will be requested to input your cPanel account’s email address and password in order for the tool to sync with your cPanel account.
    enter cpanel account credentials
  • You must now verify the folders in your cPanel account you want to delete. Depending on your requirements, you may choose all or just one.
    select the folders to delete
  • You may use a variety of parameters to erase Individual emails, including a date range to exclude emails sent within a certain time period.
    apply filters for selective email erasing
  • By hitting the start erase button, you may begin removing the CPanel mailbox. Once all of the requested emails or files have been deleted, you will be notified.
    click erase button to delete all emails from cpanel

cPanel Email Eraser Tool: Features and Benefits

  • You may delete all emails from cPanel in masse from all or a section of folders using the bulk deletion feature.
  • You may use the date range filter to remove emails that were sent or received within a certain time period.
  • It enables you to filter email fields in order to remove emails that come from a certain email address.
  • You may select the maximum size of an email in order to exclude emails over a specific size.
  • Furthermore, you have the option of deleting cPanel Mail attachments selectively or completely.
  • The cPanel Email Eraser Tool is compatible with both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


In order to delete all emails from cPanel account, we have given you with both manual and automated solutions. Manually deleting emails is time intensive and does not allow for the deletion of specific emails. The automated procedure may delete emails from a certain time period or a whole year. Therefore, we propose that you explore both choices and choose the one that is best appropriate for your requirements.