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Convert VCF to TXT in Bulk While Preserving Every Bit of Data

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 27-Jan-2023 ~ vCard File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

While VCF files are the most often used and primary format for storing contacts, they are somewhat constrained in a variety of ways, which may be remedied by none other than the TXT file format. Therefore, if you wish to convert VCF to TXT to remedy your issue as well, we can assist you in explaining how to do so.

While converting a VCF file to TXT file has a number of benefits, we’d like to highlight a few of them to demonstrate how advantageous it is to export VCF to TXT.

Why Should One Convert .vcf to .txt File?

  • In terms of access, VCF files are highly specific. You won’t be able to open them without Outlook or a workaround. TXT files, on the other hand, are incredibly simple to use and can be opened with any normal program on your computer or smartphone.
  • Furthermore, the number of contacts you may store in TXT is limited. You will be unable to add contacts after a certain extent, resulting in the accumulation of numerous VCFs.
  • TXT files, on the other hand, may hold a lot of information. As a result, you may combine a large number of VCF files into a single TXT file, making it easier to manage them.

Thus, these are some of the key benefits of TXT files that motivate us to utilize them to store VCF files. Taking all of these advantages into consideration, we now provide you with the finest method to convert VCF files to TXT. Therefore, have a look.

Discover the Easiest Method to Convert VCF to TXT

The vCard file Converter is the simplest and most basic way to convert VCF to TXT. The extraordinary capability of this tool allows you to complete the task in a matter of moments by just following a few simple and easy steps while protecting the integrity of all your data. As a result, the first component of the vCard to TXT converter to examine is the entire technique.

  • To use the suggested VCF to Text Converter to export .vcf to .txt, you must first download, install, and activate it using the download links above.
    launch the tool to convert vcf to txt
  • Then, in order to submit needed VCF files to the program, click on Add files or Add directories.
    add vcf files to the vcf to text converter
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your VCF files to the tool’s interface, you may preview them as needed.
    preview your vcf files
  • Select TXT from the list of prospective savings options. Browse for and choose the location of your files, then click the Export.
    select txt and click save

Note: The suggested VCF to TXT converter includes a free version for your convenience. You can use the trial edition to familiarise yourself with the tool. You may convert VCF contacts to Text format to a certain extent and examine their operation. Thus, if you wish to evaluate the tool initially, you must begin with the available free versions.

This concludes our discussion on how to use the tool to convert VCF to TXT file format. Now, let’s continue our exploration of the tool. We’d now want to discuss some of its key functions in order to help you comprehend it better. Therefore, have a peek.

Acquaint Yourself with the VCF to Text Converter

  • Version Support: The vCard to TXT converter works with all versions of VCF files. As a result, you should be unconcerned with the file versions you have.
  • Batch Conversion: The program supports batch convert VCF to TXT file format in a single step. The utility is completely unrestricted in terms of the files you may pick or convert.
  • Preview Functions: The program enables you to open and inspect the contents of VCF files. Additionally, it functions as a VCF viewer. Thus, each time you wish to open a VCF file, you must use the utility.
  • Supported Operating System: The VCF to Text converter supports to export VCF files to TXT format on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, you can complete the work using any of their variations.
  • Secured: The tools not only export .vcf to .txt but do it in a secure manner. It preserves all of the features and ensures that nothing is lost throughout the conversion process.

In Conclusion

It is now possible for you to overcome any concerns you may have with the VCF file format by converting it to Text file format. We have provided you with the greatest tool for the job. The VCF to Text converter is an all-in-one application that provides several useful features. It supports batch conversion of all VCF editions to multiple savings like CSV, PST, PDF, DOC, and more in addition to the TXT. Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy and simple way to convert VCF to TXT and any other files, give the tool a try.