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How to Convert vCard to CSV Manually & Automatically

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 20-Dec-2022 ~ vCard File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you need to convert vCard to CSV on Mac or Windows and are seeking for a way to do so? If you are, we must conclude that you have arrived at your goal. We have several options for you, both manual and automatic. So, if you’re interested in learning them and want to easily save vCard files to CSV, join us.

To be precise, there are several methods to convert multiple vCard to CSV on Mac or Windows. As each are distinct operating system with distinct functions, the method you will need to follow will be distinct as well.

As a result, we provide you with a hassle-free approach to convert vCard to CSV Mac and Windows. Therefore, have a peek.

How to Convert vCard to CSV Mac Using Manual Operation

  • From the top-of-the-screen menu bar of your Macintosh, pick “Go” and then “Applications” from the pull-down menu.
  • To launch the Excel software, double-click the “Microsoft Office” folder and then the “Excel” icon.
  • At the top of the screen, click “File” and then pick “Import” from the pull-down menu.
  • Double-click the vCard file you want to import in the Excel programme to open it. At the top of the screen, click “File” and then “Save As” from the pull-down option.
  • Select “*.csv” from the pull-down list under the “File Type” menu. To save the vCard as a CSV file, click the “Save” button.

Thus, this procedure is for Mac users converting vCard files to CSV. Now, have a look at the steps necessary to convert vCard files to CSV on Windows.

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On Windows, How to Convert Multiple vCard File to CSV

  • Navigate to your Contacts folder in Windows File Explorer (for example, C:\Users\UserName\Contacts).
  • Select Import .
  • Select vCard from the list of file types presented on the screen, then click Import.
  • Navigate to the VCF contacts file that contains the contacts you intend to import. Each contact record will be shown individually. To import each, click the OK button. When you’re finished importing your contacts, click Close.
  • Then, pick the contacts you wish to convert to from the drop-down menu.
  • CSV format, or you may use CTRL-A to select all of them. Select Export from the menu.
  • From the list of available file formats on the screen, select Comma Separated Values (CSV). Select Export from the menu.
  • Enter a name for your exported file and then use the Browse button to navigate to the spot where you want to save it. To proceed, click Next.
  • Now, click Finish after selecting the fields you wish to export.
  • Select contacts to export to a .csv file.

Thus, this concludes the manual methods to convert vCard to CSV Mac or Windows. As you can see, the procedure is rather extensive and needs much work on your part. As a result, to save you time and effort, we offer an automated method for converting vCard files to CSV.

An Automated Approach to Convert Multiple vCard Files to CSV

You may easily convert vCard to CSV with the MacXtra vCard File Converter in batch mode without putting in a lot of work. This program’s incredible functionality enables you to accomplish the work in a matter of seconds by just following a few easy steps. As a result, the first aspect of the instrument that you should review is the full procedure.

  • After downloading and opening the vCard to CSV converter, you must add folder or files to the application.
    click add files or add folders
  • Once you’ve browsed for and selected all of the vCard files you wish to convert, the application will load them.
    uploaded vcard files
  • Now, from the list of potential saving choices, pick CSV. Browse for and pick your files’ location, then click the Export option.
    select csv click export to convert vcard to csv

Thus, the vCard to CSV Converter free operates in this manner. Now that you’ve shown that the utility is capable of doing your task, let’s examine its efficiency. It is capable of a variety of things that you should be aware of, so have a look at them.

Find Some Traits of the vCard to CSV Converter

  • The programme enables you to batch convert vCard to CSV.
  • The vCard to CSV converter allows you to convert individual vCard or whole folders.
  • The vCard to CSV converter free is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  • It enables you to specify the location of the resultant files.
  • It is extremely safe and ensures the integrity of all your files during the converting process.

Thus, these are some of the key functionalities of the Mac or Windows vCard to CSV converter. If you’re interested in learning about other capabilities, please give the tool a try.

In Conclusion

This article contains a comprehensive solution to the vCard to CSV import issue. We have provided you with both manual and automatic methods for converting vCard files to CSV on Mac and Windows. You may evaluate all of them and their related qualities and then decide which one is the greatest fit for you.