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Convert vCard to PST File Manually and Automatically

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 19-Jan-2023 ~ vCard File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Convert vCard to PST file Immediately and Easily

Do you keep a large number of contacts on your mobile device in vCard format? Are you a frequent user of Microsoft’s Outlook email program for all of your emailing needs? Do you wish to have all of your vCard contacts in PST Outlook at once, without having to manually store each contact?

Continue reading to learn the most effective approach to convert VCF to PST for Outlook 2016, 2007, etc.

How to Convert vCard to PST File With Different methods?

There are two distinct techniques to convert multiple vCard files to PST format. The first one enables the merging of a single VCF file with .pst file.

The second method of converting vCard contacts into Outlook formats is to utilize batch conversion software that allows for multiple conversions of vCard contacts (either a single .vcf file with numerous contacts or several .vcf files in a single folder).

Therefore, examine the manual technique first, which entails converting a single VCF Therefore, have a peek.

Option 1: Using the Microsoft Outlook Email Client, convert a single vCard contact

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Navigate to the File menu. The drop-down menu contains the following options:
  • Select “Import and Export.”
  • Select “Import a vCard file (.vcf)” from the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Click “Next” now.
  • A new window will open; go to the directory where you stored the vCard file, select it, and then click “Open.”
  • Your vCard has been converted successfully to Outlook PST format. Now To view the newly added contact detail, navigate to “Contacts.”

The approach described above will allow you to transfer only a single vCard entry into the Outlook Email Client.

This concludes our discussion on how to convert vCard to PST. As you can see, the technique is not suitable for huge numbers of vCard files and is best suited for a single one. We assume that this procedure is inapplicable to you since you may have a large number of VCF files to convert.

Thus, have a look at the following procedure to convert VCF Files to PST Files for Outlook 2007.

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How to Convert Multiple vCard Files to PST All at Once?

The best vCard to PST converter is MacXtra vCard File Converter. It converts an infinite number of VCF files without restriction and may do so in a single process to any version of Outlook, including 2019, 2017, 2007, and others. Therefore, let us examine the procedure and the tool’s operation.

  • Download the vCard to PST converter free online by clicking the green icon above. Following that, install and run it.
    launch the tool to convert vcard to pst
  • Once the tool is completely functional, click on add files or add folders to begin adding VCard files. Once completed, the tool will upload the files.
    uploaded vCard files
  • You may now preview the VCF files in detail if you choose.
    preview vCard files
  • Now you must pick the PST file format for saving, specify the place for storing your files, and then click the convert.
    select pst as saving option
  • Once you click the convert button, the conversion procedure will begin. It will take only a few seconds and you will be alerted when it is complete.
    The process to convert vCard to pst Completes

This concludes our discussion on how to convert vCard to PST files using the best converter.

Now, let’s gain some further understanding regarding the freeware that can convert multiple vCard files to PST. We’d now like to introduce you to some of its features, which help you to convert VCF files to PST files for Outlook 2007 more effectively. Therefore, have a peek.

Find Some Traits of the Software

  • VCF to PST Converter is easy to use due to its simple interface.
  • It allows you to batch convert vCard to PST in a single operation.
  • Allows you to preview all VCFs, so think of it as a vCard file viewer.
  • Allows you to select the location of your choice to save your PST files.
  • Convert multiple vCard files to PST accepted by Outlook 2017 and any version.
  • The best vCard to PST Converter can run on any Mac and Windows version.
  • Convert VCF to PST for Outlook 2016 while keeping the integrity of all your data.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with two distinct methods to convert vCard to PST file. The first strategy is optimal for converting a single VCF file, whereas the second technique is optimal to convert multiple vCard files to PST. Therefore, if you want an endless amount of data, you must seek the finest VCF to PST converter, which is all-in-one and automates all of your processes, allowing you to accomplish your assignment in a matter of minutes.