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How to Convert Thunderbird to Plain Text Directly ?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 11-Oct-2022 ~ Thunderbird ~ 5 Minutes Reading

The Thunderbird email client is a very favored email client used by a large number of people all over the world. For the simple reason that Thunderbird is an open-source email software that offers incredible functionality to its users.

But, users may find themselves in a scenario where they need to convert Thunderbird into a variety of different file formats. Many users are interested in converting Thunderbird to Plain Text for Mac in this manner.

You will get different variety of knowledge for windows users on the internet. But for Mac users, there is limited knowledge available.

But don’t worry, we are here for Mac users. Yes, we will provide complete details and knowledge on how to convert Thunderbird to Plain Text for Mac OS. With the help of manual or professional techniques.

“Hello there, Thunderbird is the email client I have been using for the past three years, however for professional reasons, I’m required to export some selected Thunderbird emails and contacts as TXT files. Due to the lack of an option to convert Thunderbird profile data in bulk, I had to rely on manual procedures that took time. So, I’m seeking a solution that will allow me to convert Thunderbird to Plain Text in Bulk. Could someone please provide me with a perfect solution?”

Manual Methods to Export Thunderbird to Plain Text

Here we will show you manual methods to convert Thunderbird data to Plain Text. Complete steps are given below:

Important Note: This method only works in Windows OS.

  1. Start the Thunderbird on your device.
  2. And then select the emails that you want to export to Document format.
  3. Then, click right and choose the “Save Selected Messages” >> “Plain Text Format” option.
  4. Lastly, browse the saving location to save the converted file.

Manual methods are the simplest techniques, but there are a few limitations which are mentioned below:

Restrictions of Common Approach

  • Users can not export multiple emails at one time.
  • Thunderbird is must installed and run properly.
  • Time-consuming and lengthy process.

Quick Way to Convert Thunderbird Emails to Plain Text

Here we will use one of the best MacXtra batch Thunderbird converter software to convert Thunderbird to Plain Text. The Application comes with some outstanding features like users can convert multiple emails at one time. Also, the software comes with a user-friendly interface for all types of users technical and non-technical. The software can automatically upload the data from the Thunderbird storage location. These kinds of amazing features are mentioned below:

Super-Powers of the Thunderbird to Plain Text Converter

  • The software can automatically upload the Thunderbird data from the default storage location, also users can upload files and folders manually.
  • It can convert unlimited data at one time without any size restrictions.
  • The software maintains all components and elements during the conversion like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Date, Inline Images, Signature, Headings, Text, Colour, Hyperlink, etc.
  • The tool provides separate options to convert Thunderbird items separately by using the “Convert Email” or “Convert Contacts & Calendars” options.
  • Also, the software has the “File Naming Option” to rename the converted files for better file management.
  • It gives you the option to browse desired saving locations according to their needs.

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Steps to Transfer Thunderbird Data to Plain Text

  1. Download and run the software on your Mac system.
  2. Next, choose between “Convert Email” or “Convert Contacts & Calendars” to convert data separately.
  3. And then upload the data by using “Convert configured Thunderbird mailboxes data” or “Let me select my Thunderbird Mailbox data” options.

    upload the Thunderbird data to convert thunderbird to plain text

  4. Now all files and folders will show on the software panel.

    all files and folders will show to convert thunderbird to plain text

  5. Further click on the “Select Saving Option” and select the “TXT” from the list.

    Select Saving Option and choose TXT

  6. Now click on browse button for saving location and apply the “File Naming Option” option.

    browse the saving location

  7. Lastly, press the “Export” to start Thunderbird to TXT procedure.

    Export icon to start the Thunderbird to txt procedure

Please Read Me: The software comes with the demo version for free download and try the application to know how does the procedure follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Thunderbird to TXT converter preserves all email header metadata like Bcc, Cc, To, Date and Subject.
Yes, you can change data from corrupted Thunderbird by using the “Convert configured Thunderbird mailboxes data” option.
yes, you can convert unlimited EML files, because the Thunderbird email client supports both MBOX (without extension file) and EML file format.


in conclusion, above we described how to convert Thunderbird to Plain Text file format by using manual methods and professional techniques. Manual methods are the simplest and easiest but they come with some limitations. which are mentioned above. For unlimited conversion and without any restrictions, there is an amazing solution that comes with fantastic features. Also, the software comes with the demo version for free. So, users can download the free version and see how does the software works. hope you like the article.