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Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF in a Few Easy Steps

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 13-Sep-2022 ~ Thunderbird ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you considering backing up your Thunderbird emails? If you are doing so, we recommend that you store them in an easy-to-read and open format, and when such terms arise, the PDF format is the one that fits that criterion. So, you found the advice useful; do you wish to go forward with it? If yes, we can assist you to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF.

To be sure, PDF is a file format that is beneficial for a variety of reasons, and it will prove to be beneficial for storing your Mozilla Thunderbird emails. Therefore, let us first examine how this platform may benefit your email data.

Why Should You Use PDF to Save Your Thunderbird Emails?

  • The first and foremost thing that strikes us about PDFs is how simple they are to open and read. You do not need any additional software to access them.
  • The PDF file format is also printable, so if you ever need to present your emails in printed form, you can do so easily.
  • They can store a significant quantity of data; therefore if you convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF, you can save a large amount in a single PDF file that you can later easily share with someone.

Thus, these are only a few of the numerous reasons why you should prefer PDF over other formats for storing your Thunderbird emails.

As a result, to benefit from PDFs and also to save Thunderbird emails as PDFs, we provide one of the finest alternatives.

An Advantageous Technique to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF

MacXtra Thunderbird Converter is the means to achieve your final aim. It can easily and quickly convert Mozilla Thunderbird emails to PDF. It’s an all-in-one application that promises to simplify the process of data conversion. The main feature of this tool is that even when dealing with massive amounts of data, it simply takes a few seconds and a few simple steps to convert Thunderbird to PDF. Have a look…

  • Download, Install and launch the Thunderbird to PDF Converter to the device you have configured with your Thunderbird account by clicking the link above.
  • Now you need to select either Convert configured Thunderbird mailboxes or Allow me to pick my Thunderbird mailboxes.
    select configured accounts or files manually
  • Once you pick the Configured account option, you will notice that the tool has loaded all of your connected mailboxes.
    uploaded data
  • Now, as necessary, pick the PDF saving option. Following that, browse the location and click the Export.
    select pdf as saving option
  • Once you click the export button, the conversion will begin and you will be alerted when it is complete.
    conversion process

By following the steps shown above, you may convert Thunderbird emails to PDF on your Mac or Windows device in no time.

Now that you know how to use the program to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF, let us to demonstrate its effectiveness. As a result, we provide you with some of the tool’s related capabilities; you examine them and gain a better understanding of the instrument.

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Examine Several of the Thunderbird MBOX to PDF Converter Features

  • Pick Accounts: This program provides two methods to convert Mozilla Thunderbird emails to PDF. The first method is to select the configured accounts. You can upload a big quantity of data at once by selecting the account configured in Thunderbird.
  • Manual Selection: The second option is to manually choose the data. To be sure, the utility does not need account configuration. You may also convert Thunderbird MBOX folders by manually selecting them.
  • Conversion in Bulk: The method is not limited in any way. You can easily convert Thunderbird emails to PDF in mass, including all related attachments, contacts, calendars, and other properties.
  • OS Compatibility: One of the finest features of the Thunderbird to PDF converter is its compatibility with all operating systems. You may use it on either Mac or Windows.
  • Browse Destination: The program enables you to specify a location for the generated files. When you print multiple Thunderbird emails to PDF, you will be requested to choose a destination folder.

Hey, keep in mind that the functions listed here are only a sampling of the numerous functions available. The suggested Thunderbird to PDF converter is much more capable than what we have discussed. So, if you want to know to its fullest, give it a try.

In Conclusion

You can now convert Thunderbird emails to PDF with ease. The recommended Thunderbird mailboxes to PDF converter is capable of batch conversion of your data by manually selecting the account or files in a few simple steps. Additionally, it includes a slew of features that enable you to save Thunderbird emails to PDF even faster and more reliably. Therefore, if you want to make your task as simple as possible, please give it a try.