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How do I Import Thunderbird to eM Client ?

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 12-Aug-2022 ~ Thunderbird ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you have no idea how to import Thunderbird to eM Client? If yes then don’t worry.

The write-up has the best and easiest approach. We will discuss the complete details with the procedure on how to transfer Thunderbird data into eM Client.

Thunderbird is a highly popular email client that is used all over the world. Users, on the other hand, may wish to import Thunderbird to the eM Client application in certain circumstances.

Some of the questions from users who are truly experiencing problems are listed below.

“Hello there, I have Thunderbird for my professional work for the past five years. But I recently changed jobs. Hence, in my new office, eM Client is used by all of my staff for all of their professional email communications. But I have some crucial communications that have been saved in Thunderbird. furthermore, I need to import all of my Thunderbird emails into the eM Client. If you know how, please provide a suitable solution for my problem?”

“Hey, yesterday, my Thunderbird became corrupted, and I had to send some critical emails to my colleges. However, the difficulty is that all of my data is stored in my Thunderbird account. On the other hand, I have the eM Client application installed on my computer. So, I’m contemplating migrating my Thunderbird data to the eM Client, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Could somebody provide me with a suitable way to import Thunderbird to eM Client application?”

Reliable Method to Transfer Thunderbird Data into eM Client

We have the best and simplest solution to import Thunderbird to the eM Client is the MacXtra Thunderbird converter tool. The software comes with amazing and unique algorithms, which makes this software different from other brands’ software. Also, the software has the simplest interface for users who have technical skills or not. The software can convert unlimited data at one time. Some of the interesting features are mentioned below:

Robust Features of the Application

  • Batch Thunderbird Email Migration: This software is capable to import huge data of Thunderbird into eM Client at one without any file size restrictions.
  • Automatically detect Thunderbird data: The utility can fetch files from the default storage location of the Thunderbird Account. There is no need to install the Thunderbird application on your device to import Thunderbird to eM Client.
  • Complete Data Conversion: The software is capable to convert the complete data of Thunderbird including emails, notes, contacts, journals, attachments, calendars, and other data. Also, the Thunderbird to eM Client importer software provides you dual options to convert data separately.
  • Desired Location Path: Choose the desired location path from the tool itself to save the converted data according to their needs.
  • File Naming Option: The software provides users with an option to rename the file to manage resultant data via subject, date, To, and from, according to the user’s needs.

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Steps to Export Thunderbird into eM Client

Here we will show you the complete steps to import Thunderbird to eM Client. So first we will convert complete data into EML file format. because as we know eM Client, supports EML files. And then we will import converted EML files into eM Client manually.

  1. Complete the installation of the software and follow the steps.
  2. Use any of the options to upload Thunderbird data into the software. However, the software can fetch the email data directly from the default folder.

    upload the Thunderbird data to import thunderbird to em client

  3. And all email data will display in the interface to import Thunderbird to eM Client.

    all the data will appear

  4. After that choose “EML” from the “Select Saving Option”.

    select saving option and choose EML

  5. Click on the browse button to choose a location as per the need and also apply the “File Naming Option”.
  6. Hit the “Export” button to initiate the migration process.

    Users can preview live conversion import thunderbird to em client

Now you will get your converted EML files, next we will upload the EML files into eM Client manually.

Import Converted EML Files into eM Client

  1. Firstly, open the eM Client on your device.
  2. After that press on the “Menu” tab and then the “File” >> “Import” icon.

    press on the “Menu” tab

  3. After that select the “Email (.eml)” option and press on the next icon to import Thunderbird to eM Client.

    select “Email (.eml)” option

  4. Next, browse the location of converted EML files and enable the “Include subfolders” (if EML files have any subfolders) options.

    location of converted EML files to import thunderbird to em client

  5. And then browse the folder in which you want to import data.

    browse the folder

  6. Lastly, click on the “Finish” button to complete the process.

    “Finish” button to complete the process to import thunderbird to em client

Download the free demo edition of the application. The trial edition provides a complete insight into how the software works on the system.

Time to Say Goodbye

When it comes to maintaining work continuity, data migration can be a subtle import that works wonders. The most challenging step is finding an accurate technique to import the data files. When I tried to import Thunderbird to the eM Client application, I ran into an identical problem. So, I’m sharing the technique I used to save Thunderbird emails in the eM Client application, which you can get here. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.