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Transfer Cox Email to Gmail Account Directly in Batch

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 15-Nov-2022 ~ Cox Email ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking for a technique to transfer Cox email to Gmail but can’t seem to find one that works for you? If that’s the case, you can immediately put an end to your search. Since we’ve got all the methods and advice you’ll need for your data transfer. Thus, if you want to learn about the strategy in detail, continue reading this post.

Well, when we use Cox for email communication, we normally end up with a large number of emails. As a result, they should be backed up from time to time in order to avoid unpleasant situations, and Gmail may be regarded as a suitable choice for that. Take a look at why you should use Gmail to save your Cox emails.

Why do People Import Cox Email to Gmail?

Gmail is popular among consumers due to its advanced features, which include:

  • Big Storage Space: Gmail provides a huge amount of storage space, allowing you to store an endless number of email messages or large files.
  • Data Security: As we all know, Google takes data security extremely seriously. If you forget your passcode, you may take a few measures to get it back.
  • Instant & Online Chatting From Anywhere: For instant messaging, Google Mail employs the Chat tool. The Chat icon may be found on the left, at the bottom of the Gmail inbox. It may also be reached without effort from any location.

So, these are some of the Gmail advantages that persuade consumers to use it to preserve Cox emails. As a result, we provide you the finest option to make it possible for you to begin the work and finish it as soon as possible. So, have a look at it.

Find out how to Add COX Email to Outlook.

An Ultimate Way to Transfer Cox Email to Gmail

To forward Cox’s email to Gmail, MacXtra Email File Backup is the most efficient and user-friendly option. It allows you to move email from Cox to Gmail in bulk without any restrictions. It’s also compatible with a variety of operating systems. As a consequence, you may save Cox emails to Gmail on any Windows or Mac OS X version.

The tool’s main capability is that it allows you to import emails into Gmail from Cox email in only a few minutes, in addition to many other wonderful features. As a result, we recommend that you go through the procedure first to figure out what you need to do at each step.

Steps to Import Email List from cox.net to Gmail Account

  • After downloading the Cox to Gmail Converter on your devices, you need to add your Cox account to the tool by entering your credentials.
    add cox account to the tool
  • Once all the folders associated with your Cox account have been updated to the tool, you need to select them for conversion and also choose the save option as Gmail.
    select gmail as saving option
  • Enter your Gmail email address and password and add an account to the tool.
    enter gmail credentials
  • Apply filters for selective backup. When everything is done, click the Save button to forward Cox webmail to Gmail.
    click save button to transfer cox email to gmail

So, this is how the utility imports folders from Cox to Gmail, which seems to be more simple and easy since just a few steps are required. Now, let’s learn more about the tool. We’d like to go through some of its characteristics immediately so you can gain a better understanding of the product.

Find Some Traits of the Cox to Gmail Converter

  • Unlimited Data Transfer: The utility supports the bulk transfer of Cox email to Gmail. You can forward unlimited folders at the same time in a single operation.
  • Selective Transfer: The utility will not force you to transfer entire folders without your consent. You are free to choose which folders should be exported and which not.
  • Filter Option: If you want to exclude attachments from data transfer and send emails from specific time periods, this is possible with the tool. Thanks to its advanced filter option.
  • Full Migration: You can transfer contacts from Cox Webmail to Gmail, as well as other properties such as attachments and calendars. So, with the tool, none of your data will be left over from the transfer.
  • Discreet & Protected: It is quite safe to utilize the Cox to Gmail converter. It ensures that the integrity of all your Cox emails is maintained throughout the process and that none of them are tampered with.


We have provided you with a simple and all-in-one option to transfer Cox email to Gmail accounts. Our work will be started with the aid of the Cox to Gmail converter. It’s really easy to use and enables you to import an email list from cox.net to your Gmail account in bulk in just a few minutes. It also has a free trial version that you may use to try out the tool. So, all we can recommend is that you test the tool for a more convenient data transfer voyage.