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Migrate Yandex to Gmail with All Attachments and Other Data

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 23-Mar-2023 ~ Yandex Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you wish to migrate Yandex to Gmail but are unclear where to begin, you may begin with this post. It includes the simplest method to forward Yandex mail to Gmail directly with all attachments, contacts and other properties on both Mac and Windows. So, if you believe this article meets your requirements, let’s get started.

Adding a Yandex account to Gmail seems to be a typical practice these days. The most typical cause for this is that there are certain constraints in Yandex and Gmail’s capacity to resolve them. Gmail is a popular email service that provides a broad range of features. As a result, you must first analyze the advantages of forwarding emails from Yandex mail to Gmail.

The Advantages of Migrating from Yandex Mail to Gmail

  • Gmail has Takeout Functions that allow you to backup your emails. As a result, if you import from Yandex to Gmail, you’ll be able to back them up again.
  • Gmail enables you to synchronize with Outlook and a variety of other email clients, allowing you to access data from several sources.
  • Your Gmail account is backed up on the Google network, ensuring service and reliability. Your data is accessed over a secure SSL-encrypted connection, ensuring that no one else has access to it.

So, these are some of the reasons or benefits of the well-known and commonly used Gmail account that encourages you and us to preserve Yandex account data in it. So, to begin the work, let’s look at the easiest way to export emails from Yandex to Gmail.

A Secured and Easy to Use Approach to Migrate Yandex to Gmail

Email Backup Wizard  is an application that will help you figure out how to forward emails from Yandex mail to Gmail. It’s a highly efficient method that only requires you to join your Yandex account, chooses your preferred saving option, and then moves all of your data at once. Apart from being an efficient option, it is also highly secure and ensures the integrity of all data. Let’s take a closer look at the procedures required to add Yandex mail to Gmail using this application.

  • After starting the Yandex mail to the Gmail Migration tool, you’ll need to input your Yandex credentials to connect the tool to your Yandex account.
    add yandex account to the tool
  • Following that, among the multiple storage options available, choose Gmail as your saving option. Also, select the folders that you want to migrate from Yandex to Gmail
    select gmail as saving option
  • Now, you must enter your Gmail email address and password into the program.
    enter gmail credentials
  • As seen on the tool’s user interface, apply several filters. Once done, click the Save button to migrate Yandex to Gmail.
    apply filters click save to migrate yandex email to gmail

Your Yandex folders will be imported into your Gmail account in a matter of seconds. Once the process is complete, you will be notified.

After describing the technique, we’d like to discuss some of its advantageous features. Several features help to make data transmission simpler and more convenient. Therefore, peruse them.

Explore Some Primary Functions of the Yandex Mail to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Simple User Interface: The user interface is one of the primary characteristics that contribute to this program being the ideal solution for you. It’s quite easy to use and uncomplicated.
  • Selective Move: The software enables you to forward emails from Yandex mail to Gmail selectively or completely. You retain total control over the procedure.
  • Mass Export: You may migrate Yandex to Gmail in bulk with all folders simultaneously. Even if you have tonnes of folders, you can transfer them all at the same time.
  • Complete Transfer: You may import attachments and other attributes from Yandex to Gmail. The utility is dedicated to moving every data in its entirety without leaving anything behind.
  • OS Compatibility: Switching from Yandex to Gmail is possible on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Additionally, you may commence the job using any version of it.
  • Advanced Filtering: You may execute selective backups using several filters. You may exclude attachments and export emails based on a date range if necessary.


We’ve shown you how to migrate Yandex to Gmail, complete with attachments and other data. The Yandex mail to Gmail migration tool is an extremely quick way to migrate all of your existing Yandex folders to Gmail. Additionally, it has a free trial version that you may use to determine the product’s performance and also to migrate Yandex emails to Gmail s well as other savings like Outlook. Therefore, all we can say is that you should use the application if you want an exceptional and speedy data transfer experience.