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Migrate Yahoo Email to iCloud Account With All Contacts & Calendar properties

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 30-Apr-2022 ~ Yahoo Email ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to migrate Yahoo email to iCloud with all of your attachments, contacts, and calendar? Having difficulty figuring out the simplest strategy to accomplish this? If so, this article may assist you in locating a compatible solution. It includes one of the most beneficial and simple-to-use solutions. As a result, begin scrolling down the page to discover more about it.

Benefits of Migrating Yahoo Email to iCloud

  • Apple’s iCloud cloud file sync and storage service is reliable. With iCloud, users may upload files to the cloud and quickly sync them to other devices (Macs or Windows).
  • Apple iCloud also smoothly integrates with current software infrastructures and popular corporate systems and apps. These include HipChat, Microsoft Office, and iCalendar.
  • iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive allow users to securely save and update documents and photographs. Family Sharing allows for seamless sharing of files. Also, consumers may use iCloud’ Find My iPhone function to locate lost or stolen Apple devices.

Thus, these are some of the advantages of iCloud that you cannot get with Yahoo mail. Thus, to backup yahoo mail to iCloud rapidly, check out the excellent way below.

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A Professional Approach to Migrate Yahoo Email to iCloud

The most straightforward approach to import Yahoo mail to iCloud is through the MacXtra Yahoo backup utility. The tool is specifically developed to handle Yahoo mail troubles by moving its data to various alternatives. The tool works on Mac OS and allows you to move all of your data, including contacts. Aside from its numerous benefits, one of the most important is the procedure. It walks you through the process to move emails from Yahoo to iCloud in a few simple stages. Examine the procedure for yourself to determine its efficacy.

Complete Steps to Transfer Mail from Yahoo to iCloud

  • Before you can migrate Yahoo email to iCloud account, you must first download, install, and execute the Yahoo to iCloud migration tool on your Mac.
    start the yahoo to icloud migration tool
  • In order for the tool to sync with your Yahoo account, you must enter your Yahoo Mail email address and password.
    enter yahoo credentials
  • Once all of your Yahoo mail folders have been imported into the application, you’ll need to choose them for conversion and then pick IMAP as the saving format.
    select imap as saving option
  • Selective migration may be accomplished by the use of various filters, such as migration from a specified time period.
    apply filters
  • After entering your iCloud credentials, click on the “start backup” option to begin the backup process.
    enter icloud credentials click save to migrate yahoo email to icloud

Check out how easy it is to backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud using the recommended professional method. As previously said, the tool’s compact procedure is merely one of the first benefits. As a consequence, let us now discuss further advantages of the Yahoo to iCloud converter. We’ve highlighted many of the tool’s key capabilities to familiarise you with it. Therefore, study them.

Advantages of the Yahoo to iCloud Migration Tool

  • Bulk Conversion: The tool aims to save you time even with the large amount of data. It allows you to migrate Yahoo email to iCloud in bulk without complications.
  • Complete Properties Migration: The utility allows you to export Yahoo calendar to iCloud as well as transfer contacts from Yahoo to iCloud
  • Selective Migration: You don’t have to backup all Yahoo folders to iCloud if you don’t want to. You can disable all mailboxes that are not so important.
  • Advanced Filters: If you don’t want to move the complete folder but want to send its specific emails, it’s possible. You can filter the email field or time duration to send specific emails.
  • Operating System Support: The tool is fully functional on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Also, you can use any OS version to export Yahoo mail folders to iCloud.


We’ve provided you with an easy method to migrate Yahoo email to iCloud account. The Yahoo to iCloud transfer tool is the one that makes the process simple. It’s simple to use and packed with useful features. Additionally, it has a demo version that you may utilise to learn more about it. As a result, if you want the simplest manner possible to convert Yahoo mail folders to iCloud, you must use the programme.