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Migrate Office 365 to iCloud Complete With All Contacts, Calendar etc.

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Office 365 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Start moving your Office 365 emails to your iCloud account by following the steps outlined below. Follow the comprehensive approach with complete screenshots to migrate Office 365 to iCloud with all or selected emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

How to Migrate Office 365 to iCloud?

The MacXtra Office 365 Mail Backup Tool is a highly effective and straightforward method to import Office 365 to iCloud. The program intends to move data from numerous user profiles to multiple iCloud accounts. Additionally, you will have the option for selective migrations. You can export either all of the account folders or a specific one. Follow the directions that are provided below in order to get a comprehensive understanding of what it is that you are required to carry out while utilizing the program.

Step-by-step Guide to Migrate Email from Office 365 to iCloud

  • You may get the Office 365 to iCloud migration tool by clicking the link above. Install it when it has been downloaded, and then run it to migrate email from office 365 to iCloud.
    download office 365 to iCloud migration tool
  • After the software has been started, you will need to input your credentials for Office 365 into the appropriate fields and then click the login.
    input office 365 credentials
  • Once all of the folders associated with Office 365 have been imported into the programme. Select IMAP as your saving option.
    select imap as saving option
  • At this point, you have the option of applying numerous filters according to your preferences for the selective transfer of emails.
    apply filters
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your iCloud account. Include both the hostname and port number. After that, select the option labelled Start backup to begin the process of migrating Office 365 to iCloud.
    start backup button to migrate office 365 to icloud
  • The process of migrating will start as soon as you click the button labelled “start backup.” The migration will just take a few seconds, and as soon as it is complete, you will receive a notification about it.
    migration completion

Consequently, this is the manner in which you are able to migrate Office 365 to iCloud with the assistance of the programme. Following the method, we would want to describe some characteristics of the tool. We recommend that you review them for more information on the utility.

Explore Some Traits of the Microsoft 365 to iCloud Migration Tool

  • Simplest User-interface: The Office 365 to iCloud migration application features a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI). Because of this, utilising it to transfer Office 365 to iCloud will not result in any problems.
  • Selective Migration: The application that lets you migrate from Office 365 to iCloud gives you the ability to selectively migrate. Only the folders that are the most significant to your Office 365 account.
  • Mass Migration: If you are concerned about the capacity for migration, you do not need to be if you have a big number of files. This utility allows for the simultaneous transfer of an unlimited number of files, which can be any size.
  • Convert Entire Data: The programme enables the migration of Office 365 together with all related attributes. You may import contacts from Office 365 to iCloud, including with calendar events, attachments, etc.
  • Advanced Filters: Before moving your data from Office 365 to iCloud, you have the option of applying any one of the several filters that are contained inside the tool. You may utilise a date range and an email field in order to do selective email migration.


You may easily migrate Office 365 to iCloud with the help of our recommended Office 365 email to iCloud migration tool. The application is an excellent option that enables unrestricted transfer from a Microsoft 365 account to iCloud. For converting a few emails, there is a free version accessible. You may then purchase its licence key to have access to all of its other features after that. Remember that the application can also move Office 365 emails to other alternatives, including Gmail and another Office 365 account, among others. Download the app right away to take use of all of its features.