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Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud Using a Variety of Methods

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 19-Dec-2022 ~ Yahoo ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking a way to import Yahoo contacts to iCloud? To be honest, these contact from Yahoo to iCloud conversion is a little complex, but we’re here to simplify the process for you and give you the best method for accomplishing it. Therefore, in order to complete your assignment, let us begin our data transfer voyage.

Before we begin, there are a few technical considerations to make before you transfer Yahoo contacts to iCloud. Therefore, consider the following to help you get more comfortable with the work at hand.

Consider the Following Scenarios While Migrating Yahoo Contacts to iCloud.

  • Although Yahoo does not directly export contacts to iCloud, it does allow you to save them to a local disc in CSV format.
  • On the other side, iCloud allows you to import contacts in the*.vcf format rather than the CSV format.
  • Yes, this is the level of intricacy that you may encounter when you begin the process to transfer Yahoo contacts to iCloud.
  • Therefore, the difficulties may be resolved if you file the bridge while converting Yahoo exported contacts to CSV format and then converting that format to a vcf file compatible with iCloud.

Thus, this is the technical prerequisite to moving Yahoo contacts to iCloud. Taking technical considerations into account, we provide you with the best option. Therefore, finally, begin the procedure.

How to Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud: A Step-by-Step Guide

The initial step in the entire method is to export Yahoo contacts to a local database in the.csv format. Therefore, have a look at the entire method outlined below.

Phase 1: Creating a CSV file from Yahoo Contacts

  • Utilize your Yahoo Mail login credentials to access your account.
  • On the right side of the screen, click the Contacts icon.
  • Now, click the More Options box under Contacts.
  • Then, choose Export to CSV file.

Your Yahoo contacts will be exported at this point. Following that, you must import CSV Contacts to iCloud compatible vcf format. Thus, proceed to the following procedure to easily transfer contacts from Yahoo to iCloud.

Phase 2: Convert Yahoo Exported Contacts to iCloud Compatible format (.vcf)

MacXtra CSV to VCF Converter is a tool that enables you to easily import Yahoo contacts to iCloud. This is a specific utility for converting contacts from.csv files to iCloud-compatible VCF files. It is extremely efficient and enables you to convert several files simultaneously regardless of their size. Additionally, because it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, you may save contacts from Yahoo to iCloud on Mac devices.

  • Once the utility has been downloaded, you must click Add files or Add folders on the tool’s interface.
  • Begin by looking for and uploading all of the files you wish to convert. Once complete, the tool will load all of your files.
  • Now you must pick the VCF format for saving, select the desired location, and click the export

Thus, the utility operates in this manner. This is how the space between the bridges is filled. You will very certainly want this Yahoo to the iCloud converter to convert the file types supported by iCloud.

To help you become better acquainted with the utility, we’ve included a sample of its quality. Therefore, consider them.

Consider the Utility’s Advantages.

  • It provides two methods for selecting files: single files or whole directories.
  • It can batch-convert your files. Thereby allowing you to easily import Yahoo contacts to iCloud.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • It enables you to specify the location of the resulting files.
  • Includes a demo version that you may use to evaluate the software before purchasing the license key.

As a result, your second phase is likewise complete. Following that, you can effortlessly copy Yahoo contacts to iCloud. Thus, go to the last phase to bring the procedure to a halt.

Phase 3: Import the Yahoo Contacts (CSV) to iCloud.

  • Utilize your Apple ID and password to sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Following that, click the Contacts icon.
  • Select Settings >> vCard import from the new window’s lower-left preview pane.
  • Then go to the vCard file on your computer and click the Open button.

Following that, your Yahoo contacts will be automatically imported into your iCloud account.

Thus, this is how you may transfer contacts from Yahoo to iCloud. We have included all stages and accompanying steps. As a result, you must carefully follow them to avoid encountering any complications while importing Yahoo contacts to iCloud.

In Conclusion

You may now import Yahoo contacts to iCloud. We have provided you with all the options necessary to complete your work. We’ve provided you with both the manual approach and the middleman you may require while transferring Contacts from Yahoo to iCloud. Therefore, evaluate them and then accomplish what you’ve been attempting for a long time.