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Import CSV Contacts to iCloud Manually or With Automated Process

Nick Rogers ~ Published: 21-Dec-2022 ~ CSV File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you want to import CSV contacts to iCloud and have no idea which way to go, we can help you. We have researched more than one way for you to upload CSV to iCloud. So, without delay, let’s get started with this knowledgeable blog post.

Why Import CSV to iCloud Contacts

  • Well, keeping contacts on a cloud server is more practicable because it reduces the likelihood of losing them.
  • To be sure, if you save CSV contacts to a hard drive, you will not be able to access them until you have the device with you, nor will you be able to safeguard them if your device breaks.
  • Thus, in both scenarios, iCloud may assist you because it can be accessed via any web browser, resolving your data accessibility and flexibility issues.
  • In addition, it also gives security since your contacts will be kept on a cloud server.

Thus, these are some of the key reasons and challenges that lead us to import contacts from CSV to iCloud. Thus, to address any concerns and assist you to upload CSV to iCloud contacts, we now provide many methods. Therefore, have a look at them.

An Appropriate Way to Import CSV Contacts to iCloud

Well, the iCloud allows you to import the contacts however now exactly in the CSV format but in the .vcf format. The first thing you need to do is to change your CSV files to some vCard format. After that, you will be able to add CSV to iCloud. So, let us tell you how you can do that.

Phase 1: Convert your contacts from a CSV file to a VCF format for uploading to iCloud.

MacXtra CSV to VCF Converter is a tool that enables you to import contacts from a CSV file to iCloud by first converting them to an iCloud-compatible format. It’s an all-in-one utility that can convert any number of CSV files simultaneously. As a result, we can ensure that you can convert all of your CSV files in a single process. Therefore, review the procedure first.

  • To use this tool, you need to download it first. Then install and start as usual.
  • Now in the tool interface, you will find two options namely Add Files or Add Folder, select one of them to bring CSV to the tool.
  • Then you need to browse and upload to the tool all the CSV files which you will find on the tool interface later.
  • Now you need to browse the save as VCF option and then browse the save location and then click on the Save button.

After converting your CSV files, it will be easier for you to import them to iCloud. Hence, follow the further process to import CSV contacts to iCloud.

Phase 2: Using the Run Command, upload a CSV file to iCloud.

  • To import CSV contacts to iCloud, hit Windows + R or click the Start button and search for Run. Then press the Enter key.
  • Select the Import option from the navigation bar in the Contacts box.
  • Next, navigate to the CSV file’s location and pick it. Next should be clicked.
  • Fill in the required fields and click the Finish button.
  • Finally, select Export as vCard (folder of .vcf Files) and press the Export button.
  • You may now easily import this VCF file into your iCloud account.

So, using this way, you may import CSV to iCloud mail contacts.

So, this is the first approach that you may use. As we promised, we’ll provide you with further options, so let’s have a look at another method to convert CSV to iCloud contacts. However, we must inform you that this method also necessitates the conversion of CSV files to VCF. So, have a look at it. Thus, effortlessly Import Yahoo Contacts to iCloud.

Another Method for Transferring from a CSV to iCloud

Upload Contacts .vcf (CSV) to iCloud.

  • Log in to your iCloud account using your credentials.
  • Afterward, click on the Contacts icon.
  • Navigate to the lower-left preview pane in the new window and select Settings >> vCard import
  • Then navigate to your computer’s vCard file and click the Open button.
  • Following that, all of your contacts will be transferred to your iCloud account, where they will be accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Thus, these are the methods available to import CSV to iCloud. As you can see, CSV conversion is required for any of the processes you examine. Thus, you may choose any as the CSV to iCloud converter simplifies the process to import contacts from CSV to iCloud by converting them all in a batch and single operation.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with a variety of fantastic methods to import CSV contacts to iCloud. You may import them in bulk using the command key and the manual iCloud feature. Thus, you may study each method and choose which one is most suitable for you and saves you the most time.